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As we have already mentioned in our latest inserts about décor and design, the bedroom is probably the most personal space in the house. The most secret, intimate. And the one we want to feel most at peace in. It’s so simple but at the same time so hard to décor such a private, introspective space. This is why INSPLOSION presents to you with the most favorite 10 Best Bedroom Decor Ideas. And surely you will one or more that fit you and your little ecosystem (if we want to call it like that)!

Bedroom Decor Ideas


Let’s start with the most general of our 10 best bedroom décor ideas, and probably the easiest one! Just as you as an individual are full of facets and different niches and nuances, so should be your room. Sure you can choose a specific theme for your interiors, but make it the place you can express yourself at best! Bring your personality to life, or better to the room and display all your different likes and quirks. A modern bed with fancy furniture for your eclectic bedroom? Bring it on!

Bedroom Decor Ideas


A statement piece sometimes makes the most out of a bedroom and could therefore not be left out from your list of bedroom decor ideas. You can either spice it up with a statement piece, especially if you’re trying to decor a small or minimal apartment, or if you’re not exactly a fan of maximalism. But at the same time, there is no need to pretend to be an art critic when you are not. Just choose an art piece that speaks to you particularly, and you are good to go!

Bedroom Decor Ideas


This has been a recurrent theme in our latest articles. Why? Besides bedroom decor ideas, finishes and layering are back in fashion, The silky look and velvet are dominating the trends. They are everywhere. From the fashion stores, we went to earlier this morning, to the restaurants and bistros we are habitué at. So bring it to your bedroom and humph-up the luxe. It will be like dressing up your room in fancy clothes!

bedroom decor ideas


And on that note: if velvet and other textures are like your bedroom’s fancy wardrobe, lighting pieces are its jewel. There is nothing sadder and less charming than a bedroom with a boring, single overhead light. Explore the world of lighting, and maybe you will find your bedroom lamp version of a soulmate.

Bedroom decor ideas


Now, yes, we will be redundant. Color is possibly the most important factor in feeling at home in your home. And ESPECIALLY in the bedroom! The right color will give you a piece and put you in the right mindset… But we already were thorough enough about this! Go over to our insert about out 5 Colors for a Dream Colorful Bedroom Suite, and find your own!

Bedroom decor ideas


Yes. We know. Plants are all over the internet and social media now. But truth is, a floral and lively green bedroom is often underrated. Plants and flowers need quite a bit of effort and maintenance… But we swear they are totally worth it! Just add one or two of your favorite kinds and you will see the difference!

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Green bedroom


Now, these are harder ones. Finding the right canopy or bedframe, and even choosing between one or the other might be difficult. But look at this picture and I am sure you’ll also see why they will make all the difference!

Bedroom Decor Ideas


Mirror, mirror on the Wall… Have you ever wondered about how that story might have gone if there had not been a mirror involved? Extreme importance when it comes to decor is a bedroom mirror. They are not only an aesthetic element but a functional one as well. A mirror can make any small room feel larger and brighter. And choosing the mirror that fits your taste and needs the most will add the most personal touch to your room. We are particularly strong ambassadors of stunning, elegant mirrors. Want to see our favorites? Check them out here.

Elegant mirror


When we are talking about pretty AND functional decor ideas, what about a bedroom rug? Think about finally waking up and finally stepping up on a warm, soft rug instead of the cold floor. And think about the wonderful colors and patterns and textures… Well, our favorites could only be from Rug’Society. They are all the rage now, and no need to wonder why!

Bedroom rug

Did you find our bedroom decor ideas useful? Which one was your favorite?

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