black bathroom inspiration

10 Black Bathroom Inspirations

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As much as we may put a lot of effort into the interior design of our living space, there is nothing that screams good taste more than an elegant and luxurious bathroom. And we want to highlight ‘nothing’. Just as its extreme importance, the bathroom is often quite a hard one to design or décor. Regardless of your personal taste or style, this secluded space is a perfect spot for some much-needed contemporary glam. Add a touch of luxury to your home, starting with your bathroom. Here are 10 black bathroom inspirations to humph-up your house.


black bathroom inspirationblack bathroom inspiration

You’ve been in a white, spa-like bathroom before, you know how fresh and sparkling that looks. But it’s not your only option for a bathroom that feels like a luxury getaway. The most luxurious option in fact might be its total opposite: go all black (or at least partly).

black bathroom inspirationblack bathroom inspiration
The black bathroom is a dramatic dive into slightly masculine, yet decidedly elegant, design. It’s the yang to minimalism’s favorite white, but still minimalist. Interior Designers such as Susan Ferrier have started to incorporate black bathrooms in their interior design projects, as they add a dramatic feel and as the black ambience is said to have more of an emotional impact than the total white.

“Add a touch of luxury to your home, starting with your bathroom. Here are 10 black bathroom inspirations to humph-up your house”

Most well-designed black bathrooms have one thing in common: shiny surfaces and fittings. Whether with metal or glass, it’s another way to add reflectivity to the otherwise light-absorbing space.

Luxury Brands

black bathroom inspiration
“Most metals work really well in a dark room, because they reflect, but I wouldn’t use something like oil-rubbed bronze,” says Ferrier. “Use a metal that’s highly reflective and shiny to bounce the light”. Gold goes in fact perfectly well with a black bathroom. It adds a softer contrast than silver because of the warmer tone and color properties (see for examble this stunning side table from KOKET).

black bathroom inspiration
Another way, right at the other end of the spectrum, would otherwise be to go matt (like the stunning matt black bathroom by Studio KO above). The matt surface would add a sophisticated and minimal feel to your luxury bathroom. Hence taking off all the typical shine that might not appeal to some, and appear all too excessive. And if you don’t want to go either way, patterns might be the best and most interesting solution for you.

black bathroom inspirationblack bathroom inspiration

Accessories, decorations and mirrors (like the stunning luxury mirrors above, from Maison Valentina and Boca do Lobo) might also help to lighten up the mood if the total-back ambience scares you away. More friendly accessories might in fact tone down the inherent dramatic characteristic. While a sophisticated mirror will on the other hand add even more character and self confidence.

So, which of these 10 black bathroom inspirations is your favourite?


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