10 Inspirational Office Ideas

Office Ideas

10 Inspirational Office Ideas

Offices are gorgeous spaces to design, inspired by any style, using any decor piece, balancing functionality and elegance.

Luxurious Office Inspirations


A Luxury Office ambience in Covet NYC as a partnership design between several luxury modern brands. With a clear black and gold decor, as seen by the table, center table and bookcase, the use of this colour scheme transpires luxury and glamour. With the Empire Center Table by Luxxu, the Lemprica Mirror by Koket on the wall, the Duke Floor Lamp by Delightfull and the Boulevard Table by Boca do Lobo, this office design achieved a glamorous look without going overboard on decor.



Stunning Office Studio of fashion illustrator Megan Hess this office transpires a classic luxurious look with white inspired furniture and antique decor. The office space isn’t very large but is well designed, with a large table showcasing many antiquities such as the gold aged table lamps and some antique accessories for small storage. Also, the illustrator and designer hanged several of her illustrations on the wall behind, in white frames and organized in a way that gives the idea of a puzzle. The last touch is the antique bench at the front of the table.


Interior Design World of Styles Inspirations


Alexandra Rudenko Office designed in Scandinavian Style is very much tropical inspired, with many allusions in decor. The wallpaper sets the mood for the ambience, with several pieces of decor with that thematic (pillow, paintings, cactus and other indoor plants). To complete the look, the designer included black metallic pieces of furniture, such as the chairs and pieces of decor, such as the lighting designs, such as the black glossy table lamp and the features of the six suspended lamps.



TayOne Design Studio is a simply and brightly design open-spaced office, with a lot of white on the overall design and some vintage wood sets of table and chairs against a wood wall screen with indoor plants descending. This an office meant for space, for maximum functionality and clarity, evoking the feeling of minimal design.



Skylab Office ambience is yet another lovely design with geometric inspirations all around the design of the room. The open window comes from the ceiling in irregular shape until it connects with the desk and the desk kind of flows with the similar shape until it finishes. With several rectangles crossing the open space for the window in the wall, the space looks very creative.


Office Ideas


George Dimitrov Office ambience is designed according to Industrial design style ina perfectly simple manner. The designer used rough surfaces, such as brick tiled floors and similar material to cement, on the walls and ceiling. From then on, the decor was easily chosen and simplified, choosing metallic material for the artistic bookcase and full structure of the suspended lamps.


Minimalistic Design for increased productivity. Less clutter, more work, that’s the idea that some minimal ambiences offer.

61architects & YYdesign design of a minimal office, was done with very little to the design and decor. The office was designed in a mix of wood and white walls, with a wooden floor and a smaller upper floor where the said workspace is located. The workspace itself only has the extreme essentials, with a table, a chair, a rocking chair, some indoor plants and four lighting design by pairs on opposite sides, in shade of black.



Shang Yan Design & Guan Pin Office design is a bit minimal, a bit industrial, with a refined and simple colour scheme of greys, black metallics and wood inspired elements. The grey is somehow soothing, somehow mediating the clarity of the wood colour and the black on decor. On style, the grey on the chairs and suspension lamps combines with the industrial looking wall behind the bookcase and as for the black, it’s used on decorative pieces and some finishes on furniture. Finally, this room tries to be about functionality, having a double sided desk for two individuals to work.


Modern Library & Office Inspirations

Modern offices aren’t restricted anymore to small spaces with a table and chair, now they can be huge rooms with a library included.


This Office Room by DucTayone is a gorgeous design in shades black and dark grey, making sure to be creative with this dark colours, by having several patterns on the walls, floors and some decor pieces. A lovely office room made for comfort, having a sofa and chair includes in the design. It was also made for creative work and functionality, where having a giant bookcase in the design, providing storage space. A soft touch on decor is added through the cream coloured chair and decorative pieces. Also, for a brilliant effect, also combines some metallic lighting designs on the walls and floor.



Office Ambience by Sivak+Partners is a very thorough design inspired by the idea of a workspace and surrounding library, providing storage space in several of the cabinets around the room. The room is quite casual and bright, with a combination of white and wood isnpired furniture.



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