15 Living Room Ideas That Will Leave You Speechless

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The living room is a room with the purpose of relaxing and socializing, therefore it represents one of the most important divisions of any house. So we gathered 15 ideas to inspire you when designing your living area.


An amazingly pleasant living room to look at. Everything from the natural lighting, the white and clear tones, and the astonishing Novak Sofa from Essential Home just make this ambiance feel fresh, clean, and luxurious.


15 Living room ideas That Will Leave You SpeechlessTalk about jaw-droppers. This living room screams luxury and power not only due to its size but also because of the great use of darker tones with those gold details. In addition to the great pieces from LUXXU-The Thomson Sofa and The Shard Chandelier-that help give this room a sophisticated and glamorous feel.


15 Living room ideas That Will Leave You SpeechlessThis image was taken from a luxurious penthouse in Paris completely furnished by Boca do Lobo, and it stands today as the best project that they’ve completed so far. This living room just speaks for itself and it’s shouting a multi-million dollar lifestyle.


Another sublime living room by LUXXU, the Saboteur Swivel Single Sofa, and the Liberty Wall Lamp give this room a complex and rich aspect in detail.


Breathtaking living room area, lighting by Delightfull, upholstery by BRABBU and a center table from Boca do Lobo, the combination of these three high-end brands creates a refined and unique space, that overflows with luxury.


15 Living room ideas That Will Leave You SpeechlessJust imagine enjoying this view on this space, from the marble floor to the wood structure, poplar root veneer, polished hammered brass on the Empire Center Table from Boca do Lobo, everything plays perfectly together.


Marvelous room furnished by LUXXU, besides natural lighting the area is illuminated by the Tycho Suspension Collection which brings unique artistry and magnificence with the power of the reflection to the room. In addition to the Charla Dining chairs ( in the back) and Single Sofas that give this ambiance a modern twist on the timeless and classic style.


Luxury Brands

Rounded and oversized, with a low backrest and a cockpit structure, Fitzgerald is the modular sofa of your dreams. Inspired by the shapes of Italian architecture, this piece proves art and interior design come together once you have the right eye for it. And as you can see the Fitzgerald is the star of any living room.


Great combination beteween the Brubeck Floor Lamp from Delightfull and the Minelli Armchair by Essential Home, giving this living area a mid-century flare that never goes wrong.


This living room by Caffe Latte truly reflects their style, the great use of dark and beige tones and a warming fireplace make this room a cozy space to look at.


A room with a view, this amazing living corner makes you wish you were there. Don´t you agree?


Seating by Caffe Latte and Essential Home plus lighting from Delightfull, marvelous collaboration beteween these mid-century giants.


15 Living room ideas That Will Leave You SpeechlessHaving a living room facing the Eiffel Tower in Paris is something most of us can only dream of, yet you cannot help to put yourself in this luxurious apartment and imagine what it feels like.


15 Living room ideas That Will Leave You SpeechlessThe Shard Suspension and the Thomson Sofa by LUXXU are a match made in heaven witch can elevate your living room to another level.


15 Living room ideas That Will Leave You SpeechlessJaw-dropping living room from BRABBU, it truly makes a statement just from looking at it, don´t you think?


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