4 iconic bedroom designs

Iconic Bedroom Inspirations

 4 iconic bedroom designs

Bedroom Designs are supposed to have a more intimate ambience and inspiration. To know and do it it’s not the same, therefore BEING INSPIRED by iconic bedrooms designed by Top Brands is key.

Fashion houses with worldwide recognition have been adventuring into the world of interior design and decor.

Fendi Casa is an extension of Fendi, a famous and iconic italian fashion house,

Fendi Casa ambiences are normally very neutral, using the accessories and some decor as a way of including color on the room.

The patterns are simple and understated, with subtlety, using neutral colors for a pattern on a neutral background. Sometimes, they have darker color on patterns, with a white or light colored background but on small amounts, such as in pillows or the paddings on chairs.


Fendi Casa Mandarin Oriental Iconic Bedroom


The Mandarin Oriental Residence bedrooms, in Hyde Park, in London, are the perfect example of Fendi Casa tastes when in come to Interior Design and Decor.

One thing that it’s common for any Fendi Casa ambience is the symbol of Fendi, the F’s as seen on the pillows or rugs.


Fendi Casa Mandarin Oriental Iconic Bedroom


Versace Home is an extension of the iconic fashion brand Versace.

The unique touch applied in their fashion designs are also included in their home designs.

The gold on contouring or details in patterns. The complex and gorgeous patterns, with the colorful themes and combinations of lively colors if not exotic colors.

The feeling of luxury and elegance. Every essence and inspiration Versace puts on its fashion designs, their home designing is no different.


Dubai Versace Palazzo Iconic Bedroom
Dubai Versace Palazzo Iconic Bedroom


Versace Palazzo on Dubai is an iconic Interior Design and Decor project by the brand. A gorgeous palace designed with rich colors and carefully designed patterns.

The gold is always present on the patterns, it enriches the patterns, be it on the light pink background and on the light blue background. It fits well no matter the background of the pattern.

The patterns are designed with great care and detail, giving the idea of ancient luxury.

The metallic colored furniture, although being silver colored instead of gold, still manages to look great in a mix of patterns and light colors.