5 Breathtaking Hallway and Entryway Decor Ideas

Hallways and entryways that will leave you speechless.

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Just because the hallway isn’t a “room” in the traditional sense, doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Your hall is the first thing guests see when they appear, so it sets the tone for the rest of your house. You want to generate a space that utters to your design awareness while being practical and welcoming.

Therefore we compiled 5 hallway ideas with the purpose of inspiring you to compose your own.


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Nº1 Hallway by Boca do Lobo

5 Breathtaking Hallway and Entryway Decor Ideas

It is impossible to not be mesmerized by this breathtaking hallway furnished by Boca do Lobo. The location is Paris and this luxury apartment stands out as the most iconic project by Boca do Lobo, from the Heritage Sideboard to the Halo Mirror, this entryway overflows with sophisticated and modern hall furniture. Truly representing a masterpiece of interior design.


Nº2 Entryway by BRABBU

This entryway accurately reflects the intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength, and power into an urban lifestyle that BRABBU defends. You cannot ignore the contemporary vibe and flare that is mostly caused by the centerpiece of this ambiance, the Bryce Console, It is a plus to any home entryway or even as a plus in the living room or dining room. For lighting, The Vellum XL Wall Light, inspired by the ancient manuscripts, combines it all together making this hallway even more unique.

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Nº3 Hallway by Rug’Society & Essential Home

5 Breathtaking Hallway and Entryway Decor Ideas

The “Wow” factor in this image is of the charts, the amazing use of green and neutral tones colliding with the mid-century touch make this entryway a one of a kind. The Mira Rug from Rug ‘Society, which excels at rug designing and making, and the Edith Sideboard from Essential Home, a mid-century giant in the luxury furniture business, combined create this astonishing hallway aesthetic.


Nº4 Entryway by Essential Home

Inspired by one of the most gracious names in the Hollywood industry, the Hepburn cabinet by Essential Home is a timeless piece of flawless design. Its mid-century inspiration makes this a unique cabinet for your home that brings sophistication and elegance to any hallway. Making it a conversation starter wherever you put it.


Nº5 Hallway by Boca do Lobo

5 Breathtaking Hallway and Entryway Decor Ideas

When entering this luxurious penthouse you cannot ignore the feeling of being in the Château de Versailles but with a modern twist. Boca do Lobo takes all the credit for making you feel that. Every little detail of this hallway was planned to perfection to make anyone who passes through it feel like a king. Best Sellers from Boca do Lobo such as the Symphony and Angra Sideboards, and the Hera Suspension Lamp contribute to this elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious sensation you get from this entryway.



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