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Millions of inspirations delivered daily by Insplosion, of course, cover Top Colors Trends. Therefore, we are in 2020 and we should know about current trends. Thus today we announcing you Color Trends for 2021! Before that, discover what is trending on the interior design now.

Color Trends 2020

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Color Trends 2021

Following our beloved TrendBook, who in partnership with Coloro, announced the 5 key colors for 2021. Coloro is the sister company of WGSN, a renowned trend studio based in London specialized mainly in trend forecasting for fashion, consumer behavior, retail, and lifestyle. Trendbook is responsible for providing top trends of design and interior design, provides you mood boards and ebooks, all focused to deliver you fresh information. Inspired by actions and sensations, each color is chosen in the 2021 palette represents a stage of physical activity and the feelings they provoke in the body. Neutral and calm shades of green and yellow inspire a conscience in all things organically and naturally. A modern blue and neutral gray are free of gender, stimulate immersion and knowledge.

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According to the WGSN and Coloro analysis, this blue is inspired by the technology elements among all the palettes. Therefore, blue is the color evoking emotions, helps to keep focused and energetic. Additionally, it could be a great idea for boosting your mood with blue colors on a moody day or using it as the key detail in the modern office design.

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Moodboard by Trendbook; Products (from the left): 1. Kartell FL/Y Suspension Lamp, 2.LOLA by Rug’Society 3. Park Avenue Prewar Apartment by Michael K. Chen Architecture 4. Nº1 Blue Cushion by Home’Society | 1. Stanley Suspension by Delightfull 2. Elie Saab SS20 3. Graphic Collection by Delightfull 4. Inca Armchair by Brabbu


Project by Rhubarb | Vivi London Centre point
Project by Grind Greenwich Biasol Interiors | Restaurant, London UK

The minimalistic color back in fashion, moreover color of sustainability. Moreover, the WGSN & Color survey also indicates a neutral tone for 2021. Also, Good Gray brings a gray that serves as a counterweight to the other vivid colors in the palette, helping it pop out in any interior or design ideas. Likewise, gathering and revealing top trends of nowadays: sustainability and minimalism.


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Moodboard by Trendbook;



After Millennial Pink, yellow is the color to rise. “Yellows must-have status has been cemented by data, being the fastest growing color in the US womenswear market this year with sales up 29% years over years.” says Hannah Craggs in a WGSN report. Additionally, it also stands here for victory in a sports context. Therefore, this softer hue seeks to bring the comforting feeling of being in the sunlight, while at the same time provoking stimuli of calm and relaxation. Likewise, this color may also be a possibility for products that seek to escape the separation by gender.

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This color was inspired by the already evident success of orange and bright red. It is the extroverted color for the season, according to WGSN x Coloro. The energy present in Oxy Fire promises to generate a reaction to the first public eye and presents itself as a good alternative to invigorate and bring life to products and collections.

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Moodboard by Trendbook;



For instance, Green has been present in most color trend palettes in recent years, always referring to nature. Therefore, Quiet Wave is a clinical green and a long-lasting version of the well known Neo Mint. This time, the inspiration is more about technology and this forecast proposes that this tone brings futuristic qualities and cooler and paler nuances. Thus, Quiet Wave becomes a perfect air freshener for the beginning of a new decade. Moreover, It embodies here the mental preparation before exercising.

Bosfor restaurant color trend - quiet wave

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