5 Colors for a Dream Bedroom Suite

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The bedroom is the oasis of the mind and the nest for the body. It is the most important room in the house for the most of us and many of us see it as an actual sanctuary. And as such, your dream bedroom Suite should be designed and decorated in the way that suits you the most. And that makes you feel most at peace.
Dream Bedroom Suite
Color is in this regard an important issue. Choosing a paint color for your dream bedroom suite can be a true challenge. The shade should embody some degree of peacefulness and tranquility, but need to be aesthetically appealing and pleasing. That’s why when we’re looking for the most perfect dream bedroom suite ideas, advising you on our favourite colours for a Dream Bedroom Suite. We searched and researched. What’s left? 5 Colours for a Dream Suite, and relative ideas!

5 Ideas for your Dream Bedroom Suite


Dream Bedroom SuiteA very trendy color right now and hands-down the ultimate bedroom color. Blue is elegant but never boring. It’s the color of tranquility. And above all, it can be fancy and modern just as it can be stripped down and fit the basics. Let these rooms inspire you.

Dream Bedroom Suite


Dream Bedroom Suite

Our go-to shade for peace and calm, green reminds us of nature and of our most true self. Pair with soft neutrals to cast a shot of contrast through the room while retaining a tranquil look that’s soothing for the soul. Go light green for a more subtle effect, or go hard with the darker shades and the black, for a dramatic scenery and- litterally – a nest.


Dream Bedroom Suite

Grey is generally a very easy color to choose for the home in general. It might not be the most relaxing of colors, especially as it might sometimes remind us of concrete and the city. But this property could actually be played in the dream bedroom suite’s advange, and give it an ultra-model, industrial, fashionable look. Add a couple of glass lamps and industrial lighting to warm it up, and there you have it. The most luxurious dream bedroom suite there is.

Warm Whites and Earthy Tones

Dream Bedroom Suite

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This might be considered a softer, less dramatic take-on the greys. Warm and earthy tones are especially effective in the bedroom as they have a clean, fresh and calming aesthetic. If you are afraid of it being too predictable, opt for a wabi-sabi vibe. It will leave you breathless and bring out your ancestral self.

Dream Bedroom Suite

Get creative!

Don’t settle for one color. Go with mixes, patterns, contrasts and combinations. You might be surprised at the artistic but also beautiful results! Here are some ideas!

Dream Bedroom SuiteDream Bedroom Suite

Did you find these 5 Colors for a Dream Bedroom Suite ideas useful? Which one was your favorite?


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