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5 Designer Desks for a Glamorous Home Office

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Home offices are definitely going to be the interior design focus in 2021. It’s the room the majority of us will be spending most of our time, after all. But few items make more of a difference in creating a gorgeous, luxurious office than good designer desks. Indeed, though they’re, above all else, meant to be functional, good designer desks make a statement in any office. But what statement, exactly? What style are you trying to convey? In this article, we’ll share 5 possible choices.

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So, if we’re talking about statements, let’s start with a desk that makes a bold one. The design gets its name from the ancient Sufi word for “blessing” or essence of life. Indeed, it is a fierce, unique design. The walnut root veneer of the main body is covered with little brass details that elevate into an even more interesting and unique dimension.

Celine Desk – Passerini


Then we have the Celine desk. While much simpler in its design, this gorgeous desk is just as luxurious as the previous one. With its ebony base and delicate brass-plated legs, this desk will complete any chic, art-deco interior. Besides, while you may not have any storage space, the extra leg room is certainly a plus.

Lasdun Desk – Essential Home

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However, if storage space is a must, you can’t go wrong with the Ladun desk. While using the same combination of varnished walnut wood and brass that many designer desks go for, this design contains plenty of unique touches. Indeed, we just adore the use of black marble, which adds a distinctively bold and contemporary touch. And the side cabinets are absolutely massive!

Bruce Desk – Passerini


But if you want to go even further into the Mid-Century direction, you can go for the Bruce Desk. Veneered in ebony and available with leather finishes, this classy desk design is perfect for the comfortable yet stylish vintage office. Indeed, there’s something almost neoclassic about the simplicity of the lines and the harmony of the colors. We’re pretty sure it could fit a vintage interior as well as a contemporary one!

Fortuna Desk – Boca do Lobo

Brass Fortuna Desk by Boca do Lobo


Finally, we’ll finish off with something completely different. Made from wood and with a polished brass cast, the unique Fortuna desk will be the center of attention in any office interior. While the surface contains a pattern reminiscent of the inside of a tree, the rest of the design is all bold executive luxury. It’s the perfect way of briguing “conceptual” design into your professional life!

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