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This year is all about our Mother Earth love and caring. Let’s show this love with your home interior too! For the reason that one of the most popular 2020 home design trends is to use nature-inspired tones and decor. Read more here in INSPLOSION and get to know 5 Earthy Interior Design Ideas for 2020!

Earthy interior living room


Our nature has so many beautiful things to offer! Different types of indoor plants, greeny herbs, and colorful flowers could be an amazing idea to create a nature-friendly atmosphere in your home interior. Moreover, is so comfortable and flavorful to be around these natural and alive decorations. Just don’t forget to water them!

Nature-inspired restaurant

It is impossible not to fall in love with this green interior place surrounded by plants, orange tones, and natural light. Furthermore, mid-century Etta Pendant by DelightFULL provides soft and warm light in this charming tropical restaurant area.


First of all, when we are talking about nature and natural elements in the interior, earthy tones have to be taking the first position. Warm browns, greens, camel, beige, soil color, soft grays – all the tones witch reminds our Earth are the welcoming here. Moreover, earthy interior fits perfectly with contemporary luxury or mid-century interiors and it makes the place super calm.

Earthy interior bathroom

Get inside your dream paradise in this tropical gold bathroom with beautiful Maison Valentina bathroom collection. Besides, Koi bathtub and Koi washbasin help to have a perfect time while watching the nature that surrounds you.


Why not use the walls around and bring the fresh outside breeze to your home? Nature in patterns, like animals, plants, trees, flowers – anything that makes you feel calmer and happier. Likewise, it makes the home place not just very stylish but gives a playful, and creative mood.

Nature patterns restaurant

The mid-century interior is a very good choice to mix with natural patterns. Sit on the modern Marie chair by Essential Home in this tropical-inspired restaurant and enjoy a good meal or a drink.


Let’s talk about one of the oldest materials for home – wood. First of all, it’s a very strong and timeless material. It’s the only material in the world that is renewable, naturally grown and it removes CO2 from the atmosphere. Furthermore, it helps for wellness too! The feelings of being around the wood interior design have the effect of lowering blood pressure, heart rates, reducing stress and increasing positive social interactions.

Office Ideas

Wood interior living room

It is impossible to imagine a mid-century interior without wood furniture. This modish living room uniqueness – Stardust floor lamp by DelightFULL which has the main goal to light up your mid-century modern home just like the stars do it at night.


Green is the new black! The perfect trio to describe the green interior is harmony, freshness, and energy. Also, it gives a welcoming look to any interior design. Green furniture pieces and the garden view through the living room window and your room will bright like never before.

Greeny earthy interior hall

The botanical colors in this corner bring out the right environment for a favorite coffee break. By the way, to make this time even more comfortable we are suggesting a unique and luxury Ellen dining chair by Essential Home.

Come with us into an inspirational journey through the elements of nature and see how they can be applied to the future of design.

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