Ideas for Classic Living Rooms: Top 5 Projects

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Today, we are going to give you 5 ideas for classic living rooms. Firstly, these living rooms tend to have the kind of design which is neither to exuberant nor minimal. They come with a look of elegance. You can achieve this with the right colour schemes and combinations.

Living Rooms are a space meant for people to be comfortable in. Besides, it’s a place to hang out with each other!

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This beautiful ambience has a colour scheme full of neutrals greys. And it comes with a white background. A simple yet classic look, elevated with the additions of gold brass details. The white background has a mix of similarity and contrast with the light greys on the sofa and armchair. Furthermore, having the gold detail enhancing each piece makes this room unique.

The Empire Pendant by Luxxu is a stunning design made of gold brass and crystal glass. It truly makes the room shine. The Eden Side Table from the Eden Series by Boca do Lobo is an imponent feature, which elevates the design without overshadowing the rest of the ambience.

Projects with Statement Pieces


Again, a Living Room ambience combining white and neutrals, grey and beige neutrals. The ambience is quite simple and elegant, joining bold design pieces such as the Essex Armchair by Brabbu in light coloured velvet and, the Eden Center Table by Boca do Lobo, with its nature-inspired rough top, a structure made of brass and with a gold plated finish.



Beautiful Living Room design with the unique addition of Burj Chandelier by Luxxu, a magnificent chandelier in brass and crystal glass, with gold plate finish.

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A classic Living Room with colourful, patterned and bold pieces, that make a statement for the room. The main piece of this room design is precisely the Empire Center Table by Boca do Lobo made of mahogany wood and with a polished brass surface. The design of the table in the surrounding ambience, not only fits the bold choices in decor but also makes a great luxury impression.



A bright and shiny Living Room design with shimmers of metallics contrasting with a bright white. From the stunning lighting suspension design, to the imponent choice of colour on decor, the room is classic to the core. That classic look transforms into a luxurious one with the Imperfecto Sofa by Boca do Lobo.



Gorgeous Living Room design with neutrals colour scheme, look which is improved by the Robin Mirror by Boca do Lobo. As a luxurious masterpiece, the mirror consists of a set of hand-made brass nails and textures, on gold brass.

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