5 Bedroom Lighting Ideas

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5 Bedrom Ligthing Ideas

Creating your dream interior, lighting features are crucial detail. Lighting designs can be seen as decorative pieces, art details or statement of the room. Bedroom lighting features must be not only about the beautiful design. Therefore it should create a nice ambience for resting, reading, sleeping and much more! For this, discover the best 5 Bedroom Lighting Ideas by Insplosion!


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1 Bedroom Lighting Ideas Ceiling

Delightfull Cosmo Suspension was inspired by space, astronomically speaking.

Its design and shapes, therefore, looks like a solar system, with the idea of galaxies and planets surrounding. That’s why it’s a great design because it almost looks like it’s surrounding the room but it’s not, just suspended.


The Delightfull’s Atomic Ceiling Suspension Light is considered to be a Mid-Century modern light inspired, as the Cosmo Suspension, on a kind of science. This Lighting design is inspired by the representation of the atoms and molecular structures.


The beauty in both the Cosmo Suspension and the Atomic Ceiling Suspension lights is that both are available in several colours. Likewise, makes it possible to fit in almost any room, be it a grown-up person room, a teenager or even a children’s room.

2 Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Small places and tiny bedrooms can still become a gorgeous and well put interior! All you need is nice decor details and statement though minimalist furniture. Our beloved Miranda Pineapple Lamp is perfect lighting feature solution for that.


3 Bedroom Wall Lighting Ideas

Another ambience featuring Delightfull‘s designs, here the Galliano Wall Lamp. This wall lamp is both gorgeous and useful if what is most helpful in your bedroom is to have wall lamps on both sides of the bed.


Luxury Brands

A special lighting piece in a minimalist style, it fits in with almost any interior home décor. With a unique lighting effect, the light shining through Galliano’s tubes. And what’s more, it’s available in several colour mixtures.

4 Bedroom Lighting Ideas Modern

The Delightfull design of Turner Floor Lamp at this bedroom ambience corner is just beautiful.


Let’s be honest, the Turner Floor Lamp fits perfectly, even adding an elegant touch with its copper structure finish. This lighting design is stunning and perfect for a bedroom corner if you want to read or just relax.


5 Kids Bedroom Lighting Ideas

The Cloud Suspension by Circu Magical Furniture is a magical lighting design that reflects in perfection, the shape of a cloud.


The look of the design speaks for the imagination of the brand. The shape of the cloud makes any ambience dreamy and with a touch of uniqueness. The lamp’s design is layered: with innovative material and a coating with a fire retardant. But the surprises don’t end here. The lamp is with a light and sound system.


The light system, with an RGB light controlled by an app – light – or remote, allows for the choice of colours. Therefore, the control of the intensity and even light effects. As well as, the sound system works with speakers and with an app with Bluetooth connection, allowing the choice of music from your smartphone.


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