We have talked about how a statement furniture piece can really make a difference and improve your luxury office. Now, we will reveal you the real secret to renovate the room without any real hustle. We are talking about 5 LUXURY OFFICES PAINT COLORS! Painting your office walls is the best solutions to change the room atmosphere and to give it new life – don’t forget the real effects that new colors can have on your productivity and wellbeing! Aren’t you interested right now? Let’s start!

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Yes, Forest Green it’s one of our favorite colors of the year and we couldn’t leave it from our 5 LUXURY OFFICES PAINT COLORS list. It’s still trending because of the rich dark qualities that make it the perfect tone for a productivity boost. Let the color of nature and balance be your inspiration, you will not be disappointed!


We couldn’t continue the 5 LUXURY OFFICES PAINT COLORS list without putting in the first places Clean White. It can seem a bland color – only apparently! – but it is really a handy ally when it’s time to change the scenario. Not only a white palette lets you start your morning with a clear mind, but also it becomes the perfect background for some well-placed artful accessories or some colorful furniture. With a clear palette, you can go bold, for sure!


The intellectual color is here and won’t leave its well-earned place in our 5 LUXURY OFFICES PAINT COLORS list. Surely, you already know all about the positive effects that Blue can have on your mind, thus enhancing efficiency and productivity. It’s stimulating properties are an assured effect but try to bring to the mix some orange accent – a decoration or an accessory – to donate some emotion to the office room. You are sold, right?


Another dark slate that goes well with nearly every other color is Granite Gray. You only have to choose among all the options: from gold to bright colors such as pink, orange and blue; they can bring life to the room and, at the same time, give emphasis to the gray walls. A perfect combo for our list.


The last of our choice from the 5 LUXURY OFFICES PAINT COLORS list is Mauve. This tone  – dark or light – is the truly flawless possibility for a spring renovation: it can influence your creativity and bring an ethereal vibe to your office. You just need to try it out!

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