5 Solidos: A Studio From Medellín

5 Solidos: A Studio From Medellín

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5 Solidos is a design studio that encompasses different scales of applied arts. In the studio, they unite the importance of aesthetic and functional value to create spaces. They recognize architecture and design as disciplines that allow plastic expressions to interpret the particular needs of clients and that make space a good medium for interaction.

At the same time, as a style, they conceive a simple, minimalist but expressive architecture. They intend their designs to be a powerful means of contemplation and interaction with the world around us without losing the ability to be beautiful and dazzling in their own right. They use the transversal design, which resolves architecture from its broadest aspect to its most micro character. Consequently, this makes design an integral creative process that draws on various arts, such as graphic, written, and sculptural.

“Casa Aire”

“Apto NJ”

Inspired By The Look: CRAIG CENTER TABLE

“Provenza Arriba”


Inspired By The Look: ZELDA SINGLE SOFA


Inspired By The Look: CHÂTEAU BED

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