We have already talked about how the foyer is the first thing you see when you enter a home. And regardless of what other people say, first impressions count! That is why, whether you’re redecorating your home or are an interior designer working on a residential project, make it a Luxury Entryway! For that reason, INSPLOSION represents 6 Luxury Entryway decoration ideas!


Well, on our list of 6 Luxury Entryway decoration ideas number 1 is to make an Entryway luxury is rugs! Choose carpets over runners and go for glamorous patterns and dramatic colors. Make the strongest of impressions by hanging one as an oversized piece of art and turn your luxury entryway into a design gallery! As usual, Rug’s Society has the best selection!

Rug by Rug’s Society | Download HR image HERE.


If the entryway place is small and you’re afraid of overcrowding, be a maximal minimalist. In other words, make a maximal statement with minimal effort. Choose a bright, eccentric and eye-catching wallpaper for your luxury atmosphere. Go bold and then minimalize on the furniture. For example, choose a small table.


Similar to the eccentric, but taken a step further! Go with the bold wallpaper, but don’t be a minimalist! Add something exotic and make your luxury entryway the most glamorous space in your home. And finally, add Chinoiseries and rustic rugs! Probably an interior designer’s favorite item!


Are you not for the drama? Perfect, then in our 6 luxury entryway decoration ideas list, we will suggest you choose a simple and slightly antique vibe. A toned-down boho ambiance. Light and woody. Make your luxury entryway sober, luminous and breezy. Almost like a summer house would be! Pick a vintage, wooden bench and play with the parquet.


Mix the functional and the aesthetic. In this case add a stunning, exclusive mirror to your luxury entryway! Make a statement and let your mirror steal the eye of anyone entering your house by the front door. Check out Boca do Lobo’s selection for the most luxurious pieces.

Mirror by Boca do Lobo | Download HR image HERE.


Are any more words needed? A chandelier is always the most eye-catching item of décor in a room. As well as the boldest of lighting pieces. Check out these stunning LUXXU Chandeliers! After all, is there a more perfect item for your luxury entryway?

Chandelier by LUXXU | Download HR image HERE.
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