How Boca do Lobo is crossing design barriers

At the 2019 edition of Maison et Objet, The Portuguese luxury brand Boca do Lobo brought a whole new concept, breaking with the classic rule of design. Instead of the usual stand they created an immersive experience with their “This is Not A gallery” concept. Boca do Lobo is known as one of the best in luxury interior design. So, for their appearance at Maison et Objet, we were expecting beautiful design pieces… But they surprised us with the creation of an immersive experience through the senses and feelings of the visitors all in one space.

How Boca do Lobo crossed design barriers at M&O 2019

As expected they did bring amazing design pieces. On top of that, they also unveiled 12 new design pieces during the immersive experience through the four living areas. Boca do Lobo’s new luxury pieces did not only bring creative and innovative design, they also chose two different approaches with their designs.

The first is aimed to adapt to a lifestyle, while still keeping the imposing signature in their design. The other is made especially for those who love and look forward to the artistic and creative side of the designs. The latter are real statement pieces which will make it hard for people to take their eyes off.

Like the Pixel walnut cabinet bar made out of 1088 wooden triangles in a wide variety of wood and finishes. On the inside, the bar cabinet shows a timeless combination of a aged mirror covering and an open space which contains nine interior drawers. The inside of the doors are coated in a diamond quilted cream velvet fabric. The brass base inside the cabinet gives it an elegant and sophisticated look.

How Boca do Lobo is crossing design barriers

Furthermore, they also hosted two workshops, which payed an homage to skilled artisans. As well as the wonders of the craftsmanship in ancient traditional techniques, like filigree. Which can be seen in one of their new pieces, the Ring Filigree mirror.

The art of filigree is typically Portuguese and usually found in jewelry. The filigree consists of exquisite threaded-patterns made out of twisted fine lines in 18 karat gold. With only 12 craftsman in Portugal the pieces are certainly remarkable and a true tribute to the craftsmanship.

For the curious, they also had a creative studio set up which could be seen from outside of the stand. Here they offered a live experience of the Boca do Lobo sketches. A small section was devoted to experiencing and touching the exclusive materials that are used in the designs of the brand.

Lastly, they had an area set apart where professionals and designers could brainstorm with clients. To inspire each other and to discuss new projects or where you could ask questions about the design process.
Did you miss Maison & Objet? Then there is good news, because Boca do Lobo will also showcase their new pieces at iSaloni between April 9th and 14th.

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