A Green and Gold Detailed Kitchen

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 A Green and Gold Detailed Kitchen: If you´re searching for your next kitchen project or inspiration to build one, today´s Insplosion article is for you!

This design  by Yana Sokirko features an amazing fusion of details in almost everything! The attention to the details is the main difference between a common and a luxury kitchen.

Afterwards, everything in this design has a meticulous attention to detail, which gave birth to this stunning kitchen project!


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A Detailed Kitchen



The gold accents in this kitchen are on point!


We Defy You To Get Inspired

Hera Dining Sofá



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The Hera was inspired by the Temple of Hera, one of the most stunning instances of famous Greek architecture, nevertheless, the Sofa was created to give dining rooms a new type of life that would work with any project.

Coltrane Suspension Lamp



A superb mid-century modern light for more minimalist home interiors, equally for modern hotel décor is the Coltrane Suspension Lamp.

A design for industrial pendant lighting that can withstand the harshest environments and, simultaneously, bears the stamp of superior craftsmanship only provided by the best craftsmen in the field.


Nº 20 Counter Stool


Nº 20 Counter Stool, a representation of knowledge and rebirth, was developed over the course of 24 prototypes. Afterwards, nailhead trim on this blue twill counter stool with ash legs and matte varnished walnut stain lends a touch of understated refinement.


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