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A good interior designer, capable of realizing your dream house and guiding your project smoothly is the perfect experience that every one of us strives for. Today, we are talking about award-winning interior designer Meredith Owen and her amazing projects in her field. She was the winner recipient of three ASID Award in 2017 and renowned for the attention to not only stylish accessories and details that make her one of the best in the design world, but also for the functionality of the setting: Meredith Owen always seek projects where she expresses her creativity without avoiding her clients needs, constantly keeping in mind the purpose of her work. Do you want to know more about MEREDITH OWEN’s projects? Let’s begin!

meredith owen project


Meredith Owen project

Meredith Owen’s attitude is young and fresh, and her work experiences include a lot of involvements with established interior designer firms: she graduated at Texas State University after pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Family Consumer Sciences in Interior Design. Immediately, she started working for one of the top leading interior designer firm of Texas, Bravo Interior Design, that provided the most premium versatile services for its clients: here Meredith Owen could start her career and helped the firm gain the attention of famous magazines, such as Luxe Magazine, Texas Home & Living and Austin Home Magazine.

Meredith Owen

Luxury Brands

In 2011 Meredith Owen decided it was time to start her own interior design firm, Meredith Owen Interior: her team is focused in high and residential projects, with plenty of experience in design and project management. She feeds off on the team energy: “The best designs come into focus when the team has positive chemistry and can freely express their designs—collaboration is key”.

Meredith Owen

As an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers, Meredith Owen established a large clientele, always searching for her signature style. With her support dream houses are able to function effortlessly, without losing their lavish atmosphere. Like she said: “I would say you would find a similar thread of casual elegance woven through my designs. I love livable luxury— rooms that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion, like that perfect black dress in every women’s closet”.

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