About Alberto Pinto

Considered one of the industry’s gems and a true icon for many interior designers, Alberto Pinto has been a real institution for many industry experts. His childhood gave him the diverse instruments to appreciate different tendencies and cultures. Thus establishing the eclectic characters that have always marked his projects.

Notably, after the studies at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris and after setting a New York photo agency specialized in architecture and decoration, Alberto Pinto started traveling around Europe and the world. Meeting many interior designers and starting to develop that famous eye for design that will render him a legendary designer. Likewise, in the 60s, after reinventing his own NYC apartment, he founded his interior design studio where many brilliant artisans and craftsmen still work nowadays.

Besides, his own personality, open to eclectic and original tendencies. Additionally, his propensity for big ample spaces, made him opt for ample projects. Where he could experiment and mix different styles and various ideas in the same setting. Provided that, an unafraid temperament and a lucid eye for interior design made the favorite interior designer of a very high clientele.

Alberto Pinto Sister

Furthermore, the resulting highest quality of Alberto Pinto projects is the consequence of a masterly balance between opposing elements. For example, modern and oriental, contemporary and traditional. Markedly inventing his own signature style, capable of persisting even after his death.

In fact, under the wise guidance of his sister, Linda Pinto. She worked alongside her brother for three decades. In this case,  Alberto Pinto Studio retains its status among the Top Design Studios in France. Carrying the luxurious legacy of its founder. Some of the most works can be admired in the publications “Alberto Pinto: World Interiors” or “Alberto Pinto: Today”.

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Among the clients, there are numerous prestigious names. Such as the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and Qatar or projects involving boutique hotels from all over the world. For instance, from The Lanesborough and the Dorchester in London to the villa Rose-Pierre of the Grand Hôtel in Cap Ferrat. Moreover, Hostellerie de Plaisance in Saint-Emilion to la Residencia and the Palm Beach in the Canary Islands. Furthermore, other glamorous projects involve private residences, office buildings, airports, hotels, yachts, and jets for prestigious clients worldwide.

Nowadays, the Studio embarks on projects that are able to instill the vivid passion into the designers, the same way unusual and unexpected design adventure used to be for the visionary Alberto Pinto.

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