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Classic, Edited, Artful is how the New York City-based interior designer Alyssa Kapito, describes her aesthetic. The designer has created wonderfully textured interiors for projects as varied as an Upper East Side pre-war apartment, a modern beach house in Bellport, and a family home in Beverly Hills. Her distinctive style blends fresh whites, warm neutrals, and subtle decorative elements for an effect that’s sophisticated without being formal and restrained without being anywhere near cold. Her rooms make you feel calm—like you could sit there for hours with a cocktail in one hand and a fabulous book in the other, and Insplosion wants you to know all about it!

Alyssa Kapito is known for her interiors’ clean lines and neutral palettes – but do not call her a minimalist. Instead, the New York City-based designer describes  her aesthetic as a “minimalist take on traditionalism, in which editing is key to keep homes feeling fresh.” The Long Island-born Kapito came from an art history background, however, since opening her eponymous firm in 2012, she has proven her natural gift lies in interior design. Just ask the 135,000 followers of her Instagram account, which was also praised by British Vogue and Elle Decor. Illustrating her two artistic pursuits, Kapito selected her favorite pieces from Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Online auction (22 February–7 March | Online) and spoke to us about creating spaces featuring a cleansing palette that is far from plain.

She has been named one of the top “7 Design Stars to Watch” and has also been named a “Rising Star” by both Traditional Home and New York Cottages and Gardens. In May of 2017, Alyssa Kapito Interiors was named one of the top 10 Instagram accounts to follow for Interior Design by Elle Decor and in July 2017 she was also named one of the top Instagram Accounts to follow by British Vogue.

Now take a look at some projects of this extremely talented designer:












“I love living rooms because you can break out of the box a little. In a bedroom, you always need a bed, a dining room you always need a dining table and a kitchen has to be practical. A living room, on the other hand, can really be however you want it to be. I have a daybed in the middle of my living room and I love it!” Said the designer, when asked about her favorite room of the house.

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