An impressive Living Room

An Impressive Living Room: This stunning project was made by Tarek Alkhattab and features an impressive fusion of colors. The black tones on the walls and the white tones on the floor created this incredible look with the red sofas. The space and the natural light make this project look so luxurious! We also have to mention the great suspension lighting piece in the center that gives another level to this design!


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Stunning Living Room



Tarek Alkhattab created a contemporary living room with striking characteristics.


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The Qube sofa pays homage to the industrial yet minimalist design of the eponymous discotheque in Rome, one of the “cathedrals” of Italian nightlife, while updating it with a futuristic and high-tech twist. Since it is the modern furniture item that sets the road to become a new amazing living space, for one or multiple people, this modular sofa is also a subtly inviting to conviviality.






Chris Botti, a jazz musician, served as the inspiration for the Botti floor lamp. The handmade brass floor lamp from the 1950s and 1960s has a gold-plated finish and is shaped like a trumpet. This contemporary floor lamp has an aluminum base but may be customized with a marble base for a more opulent look in your mid-century modern home.





Japanese culture frequently uses the Koi Carp as a symbol and values it much for ornamental purposes. Its organic color changes demonstrate their capacity for adaptation, exactly like the set of KOI Center Table, which features glass or marble table tops so you may better match your decor.


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