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Art Deco is a popular design style of the 1920s and ’30s characterized especially by sleek geometric or stylized forms and by the use of man-made materials. Art Deco world without Fenton Whelan perfect feel and his masterpieces – hardly imaginable.

Fenton Whelan project

Who is Fenton Whelan?

Magnificently talented Creative Director Fenton Whelan has a demonstrated history of luxury interior design developments in London (where he born) and all of the world. For that reason, he has expert knowledge of interior design and nourishes every project in sophisticated attention to every detail. Also, Fenton Whelan is known as an interior designer who is capable to deliver complicated projects.

Creative Director Fenton Whelan

About his company

The company named Fenton Whelan was created in 2020 together with James Van den Heule and Sanjay Sharma. With the same vision for design, the company puts together all rich experience of finance, interior design and also project management.

“We combine years of expertise in real estate with meticulous attention to design detail and a creative contact book that stretches around the world.”

Living Room By Fenton Whelan


One of the newest Fenton Whelan Art Deco interior design projects Grebrook Penthouse. House located in the perfect place for this beautiful workpiece – in the Mayfair, around Grosvenor Square and New Bond Street.

Living room by Fenton Whelan

Luxury Brands

Probably the most noticeable room of the house – the light mid-century kitchen. From the white tiles floor, cool green upholstery to luxurious furniture. Because of Fenton Whelan’s perfectionism, every detail in this entertaining space looks very classy and elegant.

Kitchen by Fenton Whelan

Kitchen by Fenton Whelan

Finally, for the classic bar area, Fenton Whelan decided to choose white Russel Bar Chairs by Essential home, which are standing near the light brown wooden bar. Aesthetic and sophisticated design pieces that associate with all of the mid-century elements.

Russel Bar Chair

Kitchen by Fenton Whelan

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