Bell Butler: Design and Architecture from New Orleans

Bell Butler

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Bell Butler is an architecture firm located in New Orleans. Established in 2018, it is not the young age that stops it from being one of the leading firms in Lousiana. It operates primarily in the architectural services sector. Its clients’ projects are based on teamwork, creative ideas, and ingenious solutions that add value and ensure the success of the project and the work built.

The owners strive daily to enhance their name in the industry by creating attractive spaces and structures. They reflect at the same time sensitivity to the surrounding natural and built environments. Projects take into account the space and environment that can imbue a sense of place and well-being.

This success is only possible with teamwork. A continuous collaboration between designer, client, and builder, balancing opportunities and builders, ensures the delivery of beautifully designed projects on time and on budget.

Keep reading to discover some of the best projects we have to show you!

Politan Row – Atlanta

Inspired by the look – Isadora Dining Chair

Valence Revamp

The Bower

Politan Row – Chicago

Auction House Event Space

Inspired by the look – Fitzgerald Modular Sofa

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