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Bergmeyer is a design collaborative inspired through partnership, thoughtfully creative, inherently curious, and driven to fulfill their clients’ needs.

The studio approach to design is empowering and ego-free, forming proactive partnerships with their clients and project teams to create a shared sense of ownership throughout the entire creative process.

Bergmeyer culture emphasizes inclusivity and the sharing of ideas. They value education and support a workplace that empowers talented, innovative leaders.

Markets include Retail, Restaurant, Workplace, Commercial, Multi-Family Residential, Academic, Cultural, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Pop-Up + Temporary Experiences.

The extensive expertise in the design of interior environments gives Bergmeyer a worldwide reputation. Effective interior design has the enormous potential to positively affect people in every type of space they inhabit, improving their productivity and impacting business performance.

The studio sees interior design as an extension of an organization’s brand identity and an opportunity to elevate the user experience. Interior spaces are physical and experiential embodiments of the organization’s values, beliefs, and qualities. Each brand they work with is unique, and each design they embark on is distinctive.

Editor’s Choice – Maya Armchair

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