PDR sets its goals to help its clients through delivering innovative workplace designs and solutions. Working from Houston, they gather knowledge to more clarifying solutions.

Is known as the creator of flexible, enduring consulting and design solutions that continue to generate value over time. For more than 40 years, its focus has been on working from the highest-level strategy to the smallest construction detail.

SAGE PLAZA – A office building in the heart of Houston Galleria area

Born in the 80’s, melting ideas in between BlackRock and CBRE parties helped the complete transformation of the ground plane Sage Plaza.

PDR leaned towards what the building had to offer with distinctive geometry, homely textures, connection with nature, and having improved the natural DNA to generate a wider diversity of dissimilar places that people want to work in, connect with other people, have relaxing moments, and get together. 

SAVIILSThe new Office Space

This designed office was completed at May 1st and it merges work moments with the feeling of warm reception and It was designed to be a cozy space that could easily be transformed into a cafe or bar.

PDR had a library inserted to reinforce Savills’ office values as a place of integration, mutual comprehension, and a place where we can be able to innovate. People can meet there and just catch hold a book.







HillTop Apartments – Austin-Centric Home Away from Home

Located near the center of the Texas West University campus, ‘the vibrant Hilltop Apartments’ are the new home for students and are located near the Austin Freedman landmark and buildings dating back to 1860.

The goal was for all amenities to be functional spaces for students to connect and feel more inspired.
To achieve all this amazing project, there was strategic work with all PDR employees to create a fun ‘Austin-feel-good-good!’ vibe.

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