ISaloni 2017: The Best Luxury Design Trends

The best luxury design trends at ISaloni 2017

Do you want to get to know the trends at Isaloni 2017? In a world where minimalism has become fashionable, the event showed the mix of textures and shapes that had become feared by many interior designers and decorators.

Moreover, Pantone, a company known for its color matching system and industry color trend predictions has made 2017 the year of Greenery. This yellow-green shade takes its cue from the environment. Aditionally, other hot colors include earthy shades like Kale and Hazelnut, a warm nude. There are also splashy shades like Lapis Blue, a vivid jewel tone. And don’t forget Flame, a fiery orange!

The best luxury design trends at ISaloni 2017

ISaloni is not just one of the greatest design events in Europe and a networking hub. Most of all, it is the acknowledged showcase for cutting edge design trends. This is where design belongs and where it continues to find its fullest representation. It is where the home furnishing system takes life and shape, especially in terms of luxury design.

If you want to be fashionable and decorate your house in a refined way, paying homage to luxury, you need to catch a plane to Italy! Go to ISaloni 2017! Take the risk and get inspired.

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