Best Tips by Interior Designer Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley

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Interior designer Katharine Pooley creates incredible luxurious inspiring residential and commercial projects for the most discerning clients. With a fine selection of luxury furniture to match the incredible luxury lifestyle, she forgets no details when it comes to interior design projects.

This London-based interior designer is an intrepid traveler and has visited more than 150 countries making dreams become a reality in each one of her projects.

Here you can see the attention the architectural design of this living room. The balance of colors, the luxurious features like the mirror and chandelier combined with the more sober drapes – wonderful!

Here you can the difference in hiring home decorators to furnish your home when once again Katharine uses a beautiful combination of colors to create a fantastic atmosphere for a luxury living room.

Proving to be a versatile top interior designer, she also has an eye for commercial projects. This room is big and bright and it is ideal to greet the most exclusive guests.

Beautiful and relaxing living room! It is the perfect design for a luxury home decoration. The built-in cabinet is just the right element to cover any wall. It brings a very functional and practical side to your room. Besides, you can always fill it with beautiful accessories.

Inspired by the look – Wales Single Sofa

Inspired by the look – Oka Dining Chair

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