Best Tips on Industrial Living Rooms

Today, we have the best tips on Industrial living rooms for you! Firstly, to understand Industrial Interior Design it’s necessary to understand what it means.

Industrial Interior Design has become a hot commodity in interior design. The old can become new in this line of thought. Using old or industrial old buildings has become a trend. So, you can use Industrial Interior Design as a strategy.

But to know Industrial interior design and to know how to apply it isn’t the same.

Let’s see how to achieve the perfect design with the best tips on Industrial living rooms!

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Tip 1: Wide open spaces with a lot of natural light

Wide spaces and a lot of light are two main features that work great in an industrial loft or apartment. Maintaining the structure of the building can be an advantage for an industrial apartment since it supplies the rough surfaces and materials which are key features of Industrial Design.

The model for industrial designs is one for open space, so a Living Room would have an enlarged space. With big and almost wall-sized windows, there’s not only a lot of natural light but also gorgeous views, which open the space even more.

B&B Italia Living Room Design


Tip 2: Mixing different rough surface materials to spice up the room

Mixing different materials is the kind of nature of Industrial Design. Sometimes the wall may be made of brick, others made of tile, others made of a soft concrete and so on.

Each rough material texture can add something different to a Living Room. For example, the white tile or soft grey concrete add a clearer look to the room, while the brick for its colour tends to add a bit of warmth.

Industrial Living Room by Alexander Uglyanitsa


This Living Room design by Alexander Uglyanitsa is the epitome of mixing materials. It combines light concrete walls, dark brick walls, white brick walls all over the room and apartment.

The light concrete wall near the windows works pretty well on its location, given that it’s a light shaded surface, it allows for an extension of natural light projection. It’s much clearer near the window that near the brick wall. Although any of them is a rough surface, the connection with light projection is there. Lighter colours work better on projecting light.


Industrial Living Room by Algimantas Raubiška


On the combination of different materials, this Living Room design by Algimantas Raubiška is yet another example of how different materials can be joined in the same ambience and, also, how materials differ on light effects.

Most of the living room structure is a sort of brick concrete wall, parallel to the windows. On the other hand, the dark brick wall and ceiling set the mood for the rest of the room design, contrasting with the lighter wall. The windows shine line through the room, clashing with the lighter wall, which by being neutral, allows for a bigger natural light effect on the room itself.


Tip 3: Choose a theme for colours and stick to it

These ambiences are opposite in colour schemes options. One opts for a mix of colours. The other for a neutrals palette.

Industrial Living Room by Darkroom Studio

Designed as an industrial room, this Living Room by Darkroom Studio is not a sea of colour but still, it’s bold in joining different colours. The general color scheme for the room is around mixes of greys, black and, wood inspired furniture. However, it’s bold by adding a bright red on a few items, such as the bold red armchair on the corner or the interior of the lighting suspension.

The textures on upholstery and the patterns on the rug, certainly add a unique touch to the color palette, by giving the idea of much more color than how much is there actually.


Industrial Living Room by Form 8 Studio


The ambience above, a Living Room by Form 8 Studio follows a clear colour palette and theme. Inspired in nature wooden elements, apart from a wall, the room is designed with wood walls and green tones.

It has a lot of wooden elements on furniture and decor, such as the bottom base of the sofa and center table, some sections of floor, cabinets in the connecting kitchen, even a plant.

The green palette chosen for the room is great and fits really well in the surrounding ambience.


Industrial Living Room by Zooi Design


This Living Room by Zooi Design is another amazing room created with an industrial setting. Using concrete and brick walls, with wood floors. The colour palette chosen is a mix of black and yellow, which used on different materials and textures, offers the feeling of a multitude of colours. Truly a beautiful living room design.


Tip 4: Choose a mood for your room. Make it coherent!

Choosing a mood for a room design it’s key. Mood can be reflected by an interior design style or sets of shapes, amongst others.

Industrial Living Room by Viktor Pryshliak


A beautiful Living Room by Viktor Pryshliak in which the designer set a mood based on colour schemes and shapes.

Two things that stand out immediately, are the predominance of geometric shapes and neutrals. On one side, the use of geometric shapes is clear. There are the straight-lined tables and storage cabinet-shelve on the side, even the sofas and stools have a structure in straight lines, the exquisite curved lines of the lamps. Even the way the center tables are designed, by triangles of different colour and materials.

For an industrial look, the mix of concrete on the wall with marble floors is definitely a plus. On the colour scheme, the designer chose greys and beige coloured wood, sticking with it.


Industrial Living Room by Sitnik Vladimir

This Living Room by  Sitnik Vladimir is coherent with a certain mood. That can be seen on the cohesion between the materials, textures, color and Decor.

The main design is like an open-spaced apartment, having the living room design mostly based on a brick structure, as seen on the walls of the loft and dark wood floors. Given the open-spaced design, the living room limits consist of a brick wall, which divides the room from the kitchen. That wall serves as support for appliances such as the TV and shelves. Furthermore, the Decor consists of wooden elements, leather couches and stools, all in a shade of brown that agrees with the shades of the room materials.

So, did you learn anything from our Best Tips on Industrial Living Rooms? Let us know!

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