Beyond Beige: Famous Interior Designers in Vancouver

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Do luxury interiors spark your own creativity? Well, it’s time to get to know Beyond Beige. Their unique projects are putting Vancouver on the map when it comes to interior design. Whether hospitality, commercial or residential, the firm always makes a point of drawing on a space’s unique features. Indeed, you can see an amazing amount of variety just in the residential designs. Don’t believe us? Get to know them with Insplosion!

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Lofty Living ©️Beyond Beige

Behind Beyond Beige

The woman behind this incredible studio is Reisa Pollard. Like many in the industry, Reisa has been interested in interior design from a very young age. Indeed, as a child, she was already telling her parents how to decorate their home! Though she first pursued Fine Arts and Economics, Reisa later enrolled in BA in Interior Design back in Vancouver and has been shaping the area’s Interior Design scene ever since.

Thus, 12 years later, the firm is composed of a vast team of talented woman that create some of the most stylish interiors in Vancouver. And we’re about to show you the very best ones!

The Lofty Living on Lonsdale


Yet another amazing example of penthouse interior design. Indeed, as in many of these kinds of projects, the point of Lofty Living was to make the absolute most of the incredible view. We saw that in the spacious, contemporary living room we introduced the article with, and we see it again here. This kitchen/dining area optimizes the space to create a bright, airy place to share a meal in.

Furthermore, you have a bedroom and a living room that also capitalize on the light and view. However, though they follow the same utterly contemporary style, the bedroom uses colorful orange and yellow details against the grey. It’s an amazing way to add joy to an otherwise very sober interior.

The Best in Show on the Boulevard

Living Room ©️Beyond Beige

Next, we have the Best in Show. While designing a loft often requires a focus on modernity, this one went in an entirely different direction. In fact, it’s a major departure from the previous project. Although light and airy, this is an almost maximalist mid-century project, full of classic pieces and capitalizing on unique decor and blue details.

But you can see this somewhat retro influence even more clearly in the dining room area and living room corner. While the dining chairs look positively like antiques, the comfortable white armchair looks like a more stylish version of the one your grandfather would have sat in. A beautiful way to take make a classic interior unique!

Georgia on My Mind

Bedroom ©️Beyond Beige

Finally, we have the Georgia on my Mind. The clients defined what they wanted for this space as “west coast modernism with a hint of glamour” and that’s exactly what they got. Although contemporary and stylish, this bedroom is anything but impersonal. This interior is somewhere between the ocean and the sky, an homage to the sea-side influence they wanted to channel, but also to the high living of apartment life.

Office Ideas


However, the kitchen and hall are even more contemporary and stylish. While a bedroom has to a more personal and, therefore, possibly less conceptual room, the rest of the project goes in a very distinct direction. Golden finishings on grey backgrounds, a focus on geometry, and white light. Yet more proof that you can never go wrong with marble!

So, did these projects inspire you?

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