Blaine Robert Design: Best Interior Designers in Malaysia
Ritz Carlton Design © Blaine Robert Design

Blaine Robert Design: Best Interior Designers in Malaysia

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You can’t be a Kuala Lumpur interior decoration lover and not know Blaine Robert Design. This interior design firm brings its veteran founder’s unique vision into the functional, custom-tailored service that makes it one of the top design firms in Malaysia. Explore their bold, gorgeous designs with Insplosion!

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Blaine Robert Design: Best Interior Designers in Malaysia
Ritz Carlton © Blaine Robert Design

Who is Interior Designer Blaine Robert?

Although he hails from Canada, Blaine Robert left the country very early. In 1988, just two years after finishing his degree, Blaine moved to Tokyo, where he worked as a freelance interior designer for 12 years. He also spent some time in Singapore, but finally established his firm in Malaysia in the early 2000s.

His motto when it comes to interior decor is “modesty in design is good, but decadence is more fun“.

Indeed, you could say that his firm is all about bringing this playful, irreverent style and channeling it into a truly professional service. The company has now worked on a variety of projects, from commercial interiors to home renovations, that require real trust with the customers. But you only need to see their work to find out why they’re so popular…

Ritz Carlon Show Unit

Blaine Robert Design: Best Interior Designers in Malaysia
Dining Area Ritz © Blaine Robert Design

The Ritz Carlton Residences Show Unit is certainly amongst their best designs. On one hand, this show unit had a lot to live up to. It’s the Ritz we’re talking about! Yet, this luxurious modern classic interior really channeled the Ritz’s essence.

While we started this article by showing the living area, the art deco dining room is also a gorgeous example of this. Indeed, just notice the accents of marble and gold, some of the noblest materials known to man.

These second living & dining areas might not be quite as glamorous, but they follow the focus on marble. However, the living area spices up the room by adding a few unique sculptures, while the kitchen goes with industrial details through the light brown wall and grey chairs.

Luxury Brands

Bungalow in Melaka

Blaine Robert Design: Best Interior Designers in Malaysia
Bungalow in Melaka © BRD

Next, we have the Bungalow in Melaka.  Unlike the previous project, which went for a more classical style, we have bolder, more modern choices here. Just notice the animal print on the pillows or the powerful red of the flowers. Although it bets on marble to add a touch of luxury, this is a much more contemporary sort of opulence. It’s a mid-century modern, 21st century living for the wealthy.

Of course, what could luxury living be without good bars and kitchens? These two designs manage to be completely modern while also incorporating an almost tropical element through the wood. This is very important in South-East Asian interior design and they do it just right.

Suria Show Unit

Blaine Robert Design: Best Interior Designers in Malaysia
Suria Show Unit © BRD

But the Suria Show Unit is definitely the boldest design yet. The statement color is the happy yellow, with a lovely colorful touch added by the blue pillows. Yet, once again, the truly unique feature of this design is the way it incorporates Malayan interior design traditions into the project. There are tropical influences, a mix of colors, a focus warmth.

Yet, it’s in the entryway and office designs that you can see the modern touches added to these traditional influences. The chair designs are sleek and practical, almost Scandinavian, and the geometric wall engravings are a touch of genius.

Dorsett Hartamas Show Unit

Blaine Robert Design: Best Interior Designers in Malaysia
Dorsett Hartamas Show Unit © BRD

Finally, we have this show unit in Dorsett Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. By this point, we’ve more than established how versatile this firm can be. Yet, it’s worth noticing just how mid-century influenced the dining area is when compared to most of their projects. The grey chairs add a chic, neutral touch that makes the blue wall the star, and the creative lighting adds a unique touch to a somewhat classical room.

Finally, we have these two glimpses into the show unit’s other areas. While one is all about light, art, and airiness, a perfect space for leisure, this office corner is all about settling down for work in a private, comfy space. Both serve entirely different purposes while sharing a visual identity. Interior design done right!

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