Blainey North and her studio in Australia

Blainey North and Her Studio In Australia

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Blainey North has a modern and visionary approach that combines a deep knowledge of design, craftsmanship, and Interior Architecture. Her eponymous Interior and Architecture studio, Blainey North & Associates has, over the twenty years of its operation, forged a distinctive place in the Australian and International design establishment.

Subversive Intervention

In order to respect the rich culture and architecture of the building, we sought to restore its raw natural beauty, before injecting unexpected moments of contemporary culture, representing the youth of its occupant.


The Arterial Route

In this environment, the interior objects were detailed to act as individual pieces as a result of inspiration from the ancient process of cartography.

Brutal Decadence

Inspired by the idea of taking a modern, simplistic architectural shell and cloaking it with a new layer, the studio essentially recreated the interior of the home.

Inspired By The Look: BEYOND CONSOLE


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