Bureau AC: Get to Know These Top Swiss Architects

Bureau AC Get to Know These Top Swiss Architects (15)

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How can we describe Bureau AC? This project, based between Geneva and Lisbon, works on a lot of different fronts. Firstly, they are architects. But their versatile studio has designed buildings, contract interiors, outdoor projects and art installations. Galliane Zamarbide, Carine Pimenta and Daniel Zamarbide call themselves an editorial project and design team. Their style is somehow both minimalist and bold. Intrigued? Get to know them with Insplosion!


BBB makes some of the best deluxe sandwiches in Lisbon! Bureau’s project for their restaurant combines the city’s light with their own minimalist style. One one hand, you’ve got the Scandinavian cruves and lines. Besides, the plants give off the impression of freshness and sustainability. So, let’s go for lunch?

Lake Diner

Not your style? Then check out gorgeous outdoor diner in Montreux, Switzerland. So, now you can eat under the stars in the Parc Vernex! This gorgeous project is all about metal and light. The metal reflections merge with the natural ambiance to create a truly unique experience. In short, it’s a starry night all day long.

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Beyond the Monument

It’s not easy to describe the Beyond the Monument installation in Geneva. In short, it tries to examine contribution of art practices in the development of memorial policies. However, the clean, white space designed by the studio to hold the exhbition is giving us serious interior design inspirations. For instance, through the gorgeous contrast of the white with the marble.

The Club

Bureau AC Get to Know These Top Swiss Architects (15)

“The club” series is an homage to Techno music. This project has transformed forgotten Lisbon spaces into nightclub venues for a night. They bring the same components to these different spaces, but create truly unique experience each time. Doesn’t it want to make you dance in the dark again?

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