Carden Cunietti: London Best Interior Design Firms

Established in 1996 in London – Notting Hill, Carden Cunietti was born by a partnership between Audrey Carden and Eleanora Cunietti. Their interior design style and work are renowned worldwide for a dramatic, eclectic, and luxurious style.

Georgian Town House London

Their team has already designed numerous spaces in the UK, Europe, and the United States by transforming buildings into stylish homes. They are known for chic interiors both comfortable and stylish and for offering a complete interior design service checking each project’s installation stages.

Primrose Hill Nash House

Known for listening to each customer and understanding their needs and desires, they are capable of using luxurious materials and vintage pieces combined with the latest contemporary pieces that complete the rooms. Carden Cunietti‘s website has an up-to-date Style Tips section where they present the latest tendencies on house designing.

St Johns Wood Family Villa

They have been published in many magazines worldwide, such as House and Garden, Urban Electric, Times Magazine, Vogue, and Elle Decoration. Carden Cunietti was distinguished in 2014 by the magazine Homes & Gardens has interior designers of the year. The blog Decor&Style kindly asked them to give a little interview and received these amazing responses, that enlighten and inspire any design lover. Take a look:

What are your inspirations?

We find inspiration in lots of places;  fashion, art, magazines, and websites such as yours. We get fixated on colors that we love and foreign travel always sparks new ideas.

Which interior designers are you fans of?

Jean-Louis Benoit, Thomas O’Brien, Muriel Brandolini

What is your favorite project and why?

The current project is usually the favorite as you are fully engaged in the creative process.

Antibes South of France

What are your criteria for the products you choose for your designs? And where do you look for them?

The product should be fit for purpose and be aesthetically pleasing.  We source from all over the world, from suppliers as far afield as the Philippines, the US, and Japan.  We attend all the trade fairs, shop for antiques from 1stDibs so our vintage pieces could come from Miami or San Francisco, or Chicago and are constantly on the lookout for new manufacturers.


How did your partnership start?

We were working individually as interior designers when Eleanora was approached to pitch for a large project and asked me to help.  We worked well together and discovered we had the same likes and dislikes and decided to join forces.

Source: Decor&Style

All image credits belong to Carden Cunietti

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