Carte Blanche Interior Design: Lavish Interiors in Monaco

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What sort of interiors pop up in your mind when you think of Monaco? Luxury mansions? Luxury restaurants? Five-star hotels? Well, Carte Blanche Interior Design has worked on all of those. These Monaco-based interior design experts pride themselves on their utterly lavish and intensely sophisticated creations. Get to know the best in Monaco interior design with Insplosion!

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Hotel Villeroy © Carte Blanche

About Carte Blanche Interior Design

After 15 years in the industry, Carte Blanche has become an unmissable reference for luxury interior design lovers. Indeed, although they are based in Monaco, the projects we are about to show you span the entire world. Yet, you can always spot the delicate, rich trademark beauty that Monaco is known for.

Hotel Villeroy

Suite at the Hotel Villeroy © Carte Blanche

The Hotel Villeroy is set within a former Parisian private mansion. Thus, the interior has to pay homage to the luxurious history of the building. Indeed, they could have easily gone for something utterly classic and rococo. However, there was a clear bet in pairing contemporary furniture with the building’s historic elements. There’s nothing vintage or old-fashioned about the bed, table, or sofa designs. Yet, the use of light colors keeps this choice from clashing too much with the building’s original elements.

Furthermore, the entire interior follows this same strategy. Modern center tables and creative lighting contrast with iron stairs. In the hallways, the soft blue walls still work beautifully with the more contemporary sofa and art pieces.

Restaurant QP

Restaurant QP © Carte Blanche

Since you can’t think of luxury without thinking of fine dining, let us introduce you to Restaurant QP. This London restaurant may have closed already, but its interior deserves to saved for posterity. Indeed, this is a perfect example of what we call the modern classic style. Notice how the delicate cutlery, mid-century chairs, and flowers make you think of a vintage interior. Yet, you’re soon completely stunned by the creative wall decor and daring mirror design.

The rest of the restaurant evoked art deco elements for an even more interesting interior. There’s something almost jazzy about this design, with the focus on diagonal lines and mid-century elements. It’s true luxury, available only to those who can afford it.

Villa V. Cap Ferrat

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Finally, we couldn’t finish this list without a residential project. The Villa V. Cap Ferrat design is a glimpse into the lives of the wealthy. The outdoor area features a luxury pool and beautiful white canopy beds. It is the perfect place to catch the warm Mediterranean sun.


Yet, the interior is less impressive. Notice the confident, classic design of the living room. Indeed, the wood nearly shimmers from its quality. Furthermore, the upholstered sofas look inviting and soft to the touch. The entrance, however, contrasts the bold and modern design of the door and center table with the delicate beauty of a classic chandelier. In fact, it’s in this combination of classic and contemporary that you’ll find the true beauty of Monaco Interior Design.

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