Ciseern: Singapore's Interior Design Stars
© Ciseern

Ciseern: Singapore’s Interior Design Stars

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Know for their glamorous, refined aesthetic, Ciseern is one of the top Interior Design Firms in Singapore. This outstanding company has designed projects for both residential and commercial interiors, and they’ve actually done plenty of work overseas. Intrigued? Come explore their beautiful projects with Insplosion!

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Ciseern: Singapore's Interior Design Stars
Lengkong Tiga ©Ciseern

More about Ciseern

Founded in 1997, Ciseern is a market leader in Singapore’s vibrant interior design industry. While their versatility is definitely an asset, having taken them through several types of projects and styles, there’s a sense of refinement to most of their interiors that we really enjoy. They are definitely quality-focused, using only the finest furniture pieces and delivering an outstanding final product.

Lengkong Tiga

Ciseern: Singapore's Interior Design Stars
Living Room ©Ciseern

This gorgeous interior for a Lengkong Tiga landed house is everything a modern classic project should be. While there are all sorts of classic elements associated with opulence, such as the use of marble, fine upholstery, and beautiful chandeliers, there’s nothing retro about it. It’s not quaint or nostalgic, but glamorous. Notice how the use of a dark center table that matches the plasma screen’s shade adds a modern twist to the look.

However, it’s the bathroom we think we might be truly in love with. Making a bathroom luxurious isn’t always easy, but this project achieves it through the marble, jewelry hardware, and gorgeous engravings. The dining room, however, uses colorful elements such as flowers and bead chandeliers to give an almost eclectic touch to its modern classic style.

The Arte Condo

Ciseern: Singapore's Interior Design Stars
Living Room ©Ciseern

But speaking of eclectic: take a look at the Arte Condo apartment! Though the use of marble, this time in several shades, and luxury chandeliers repeat themselves, this is a much more modern project. There are all sorts of interesting and personal details, such as the cogs used for wall decor, the silver pouf. Indeed, even the presence of the client’s cats adds a unique touch to the design. This place belongs to someone and reflects their identity.

Luxury Brands

Finally, we wanted to give you some extra views of the project. The first image gives you a little glimpse of the second floor, as well as the creative use of chandeliers, while the second one shows you an angle of the dining room in which you can also see the island kitchen.

Wilkie 48

Ciseern: Singapore's Interior Design Stars
Living Room ©Ciseern

But let’s return to absolute luxury with the Wilkie 48.  This condo apartment is no less opulent than a mansion. Indeed, this crosses the modern classic line and goes right into the rococo territory. The gorgeous engraved sofas, marble table and luxury chandelier would not be out of place in Versailles!

However, while the dining room follows this exact theme, the bathroom is a little soberer. Perhaps a luxury bathtub would have fit the project just as well, but we definitely like the contrast of using a simple, practical shower.

So, are you taking any cues from these Ciseern interiors for your next project?

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