When visiting a hotel for the first time, the first thing that affects us when we enter the lobby is the ambiance and its chromatic essence: the color palette is one of the main elements that really define the soul of the place and the characteristic that express its vital core. Usually, hotel designers are afraid to let themselves go and express their creativity through colors and they choose basic or neutral palette – a safer attitude that usually pays it off. Instead, sometimes a bolder choice is the only way to go to express the hotel’s vision and colors are the best tools that a hotel designer can utilize to give birth to a truly eclectic place. Not only colors are the boldest statement ever but also, they are mood influencers and – if they are used rightly – they could really make a difference for the guest experience. Are you ready to discover all the COLORFUL MODERN HOTEL DESIGNS? Let’s begin right now!



We couldn’t start our list of COLORFUL MODERN HOTEL DESIGNS without putting in the first place The Pantone Hotel: the colors’ world authority decided to open a hotel in 2010, in Brussels. It expresses all the colorful philosophy of the company through the seven floors – curated by Belgian interior designer Michel Penneman and Belgian architect Olivier Hannaert – that were designed to give particular emphasis to each Pantone colors.

White walls are the main decorations that let each color steal the scene: each floor displays a different palette and the 59 white guest rooms are the perfect canvas to let every bright color pop through the accessories, form bedding, to carpets, to watches and bicycles. In every room, Victor Levy paintings link together all the nuances and give further customizations to the atmosphere. Don’t miss it out!


This modern boutique hotel opened in Manhattan, NYC, in 2014 and it displays an astonishing array of colors that change from floor to floor: monochromatic hues of blue, yellow, orange, pink and teal have been chosen by In Situ Design, Lilian B Interiors, and artist William Engel – in collaboration as hotel designers.

The William‘s corridors and the floors are blank spaces, where colored abstract paintings give a little taste of each room experience. Every time, entering a room becomes a specific journey, each color telling a different story. A must go-to of our COLORFUL MODERN HOTEL DESIGNS list!


This time we are flying to Athens (Greece) to talk about a marvelous boutique hotel that can really be an amazing source of inspiration: even this time the main choice has been a white palette – we already know that it is one of the most favorite backgrounds to give the right emphasis to every color – where different and vibrant colors explode everywhere.

Bold and eclectic accessories and textures – even in style – have been a specific choice for the Grecotel Pallas Athena: from the geometric floor to the earthy-colored furniture, the result is a modern and pleasing atmosphere.


This luxury hotel in Verona (Italy) is a magical place where nature meets art in an amazing combination of style and colors. The villa’s current building dates back to the 15th century, while designer Alessandro Mendini curated the historic and contemporary choices in furniture. The project “Byblos casa” wants to highlight the contemporary and glamorous style of the fashion label through a vivacious and colorful attitude exposed in every corner, and with the ever-present majestic art collection of various artists (Ron Arad, Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders, Ettore Sottsass, Eero Saarinen, Eero Aarnio and many more).

The rooms’ color choice well reflects the right combinations: this time we will not find a blank background but a blue background – associated with stability and calmness – and cheerful and happy tones such as yellow, orange, purple that exude vitality and joyfulness. Different prints give the perfect eclectic touch to the entire setting. An artistic staying in our COLORFUL MODERN HOTEL DESIGNS list that you really can’t miss!

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