Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas by the Rockwell Group

The Cosmopolitan Hotel

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In the heart of Las Vegas, there’s a completely different way of living in the city. People go to Las Vegas for something they won’t find at home. And they can expect a unique experience at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, a project by the incredible Rockwell Group.  LAB at Rockwell Group is a design studio that creates memorable and evocative experiences by merging story, architecture, and technology.

An Unforgettable World

This architectural firm aimed to transform the guest experience from the moment they enter the lobby of the luxury hotel and casino.

When entering the lobby guests are surprised and welcomed by virtual dancers over a video projection. Was produced by Jerry Mitchell – American theatre director and choreographer. An incredible immersive media experience where dancers respond to guests.

The LAB at Rockwell Group installed 384 displays on the columns and 26 behind the registration desk in order to offer an infinity of customized and immersive digital experiences.

A Sky Full of Stars

The Chandelier Bar from The Cosmopolitan Hotel has 21 miles of crystal-bead swags and the media projections within this space make us wander between fantasy and realism. A hypnotizing environment that will refine your stay for sure!

An Experience of Unexpected

Marquee is one of the biggest nightclubs in the country. With an outside area with a swimming pool, this is the perfect spot to relax in a socially distant poolside environment.

Food fusion ally to art and design by the Chef José Andrés’s Jaleo, who recreates authentic Spanish traditions with a twist.

Rockwell Group absolutely fulfilled its goal with The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. The guest’s experience was completely transformed from arriving to eating to dancing to sleeping.

This luxury hotel it’s surely an irresistible invitation to all the art and design enthusiasts and to those who love to have fun!

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