Covet International Awards 2021: Your Shot in Interior Design

Residential Project Winners © PTang Studio Limited

Calling all emerging interior designers: it’s time for the Covet International Awards 2021! After a successful first edition, Covet Group is once again looking for the best interior design projects, furniture and lighting creations. Thus, this contest is all about rewarding the creation of functional yet luxurious spaces that bring ancient craftsmanship techniques into the 21st century.

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Why apply for the Covet International Awards?

While standing out in the interior design world is difficult, Covet Group knows how essential recognizing talent truly is.

In fact, participating in this contest is your chance to get the exposure and recognition you deserve. The winners will have access to a full online strategy to promote their products, as well as a feature in the Covet International Awards Volume I Book and COVETED Magazine.

The press release featuring their creations will also be sent out to our database of over 10K contacts.

Finally, the winners will get a special trophy imagined by a renowned designer!

So, how can you apply?

To submit your project, you need to start with a 2000 character description in PDF format.

This text should include a description of the elements and concepts featured in the project! You need to include the size of the space in square meters, the materials, the location, budget, purpose of the project, and featured brands.

Finally, you need to clarify how craftsmanship is valued in your creation!

You should include a bio in PDF format, as well a portrait in jpeg format, not exceeding 4MB. Then we need a minimum of 5 project photos.

Projects are evaluated according to the concept, creativity, use of space, and impact of materials. So make sure you submit the best representations of your work!

Remember that you can only submit one project per designer/team! However, you can submit the same project to several categories.

Additional recognitions will start with Thinker of the Year – the person behind the Luxury Brand that most successfully promoted craftsmanship in 2021. There will also be a Maker of the Year – a recognition for the craftsman who created the most coveted product of 2021.

With the Covet International Awards, the group is looking for more than just promoting remarkable design. This is about making sure that ancient craftsmanship techniques are passed down by emerging talents like you. It’s your chance to leave your mark in the world of luxury interior design.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the Covet International Awards 2021!


Watch this video to get to know the last edition’s winners! 

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