Covet Villa Moscow: A Russian Millionaire Home

Can’t get enough of the opulent homes of the wealthy? Well, how does an 8.5 million, 500 M2 mansion sound? With its refined modern classic style, Covet Villa Moscow is a real glimpse into the luxurious lives of Russian oligarchs and billionaires. Explore this exquisite villa with Insplosion and get inspired!

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Living Like Modern Tsars

Nothing says opulence like the modern classic style. This interior design school is all about merging stylish, contemporary pieces with utterly luxurious details. Thus, it’s the perfect style for a millionaire home. Indeed, the statement this kind of luxurious room needs to make requires both modern and classic pieces. Although the opulence and luxury are meant to make you feel like a modern tsar, the vanguardist nature of the design is meant to assure you that the homeowner is ahead of the curve.


Then we have the bedroom, which follows a very similar direction. The chandelier bets on cristal rather than gold, but the idea is the same. The exquisite materials contrast with the contemporary design in order to create an impression of utterly modern luxury.


But the office and kitchen are no less luxurious. Indeed, the office also features a chandelier, while the kitchen gains an added touch of glamour through the use of marble and hanging lamps.


But we have two last precious details to show you. First, there’s this incredibly creative dining room, which definitely goes for a more daring design than the rest of the house. Opulence and good taste are often about making a statement, after all. Finally, we have the walk-in wardrobe. Everything, from the plush armchair to the luxurious, intricate hanging lamp creates an impression of absolute luxury.

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