David Collins Studio – The Best Dining Room Projects

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David Collins Studio

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David Collins Studio is an interior design and architecture practice established in London. It works with major brands and companies that are the best in their field and private clients who share an obsession with detail, innovation, and functionality.

The world of David Collins Studio is defined by its distinctive approach, developed and refined over the last three decades. The team’s collective expertise at the studio is evident in every aspect of this world of carefully curated luxury.

Today Insplosion shows you some of their impressive dining rooms.

Life in Pixels

In Conde Nast’s Vogue Lounge the color palette sticks to black, white, and gold, just like the vogue looks. The brand opts for stripes in its designs. So David Collins Studio chose to follow that pattern, we also introduced a gorgeous lavender color. The result is luscious but intimate.

David Collins Studio – The Best Dining Room Projects

Inspired by The Look – Kelly Bar Chair

Kelly Bar Chair, Essential HomeNobu Hotel Portman Square

Nobu Portman Square is a convivial, canteen-like space but with the immediately noticeable difference of dark tabletops. This detail ensures that modern Japanese cuisine is presented to the best effect.

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The Best Dining Room Projects

Harrods Chocolate Hall

The Chocolate Hall was envisaged as a big, bright space that balanced the importance of the displays with a glamorous, holistic environment.

David Collins Studio – The Best Dining Room Projects

Inspired by The Look – Gable Bar Chair

Gable Bar Chair, Essential Home

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