Design Project for a Beutiful Living Room

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Design Project for a Beutiful Living Room:  If you´re looking for some inspiration for your next living room project, today’s inspirational article is perfect for you!

Insplosion brings to you a living room project made by Aya Mehrez that will allow you to build a stunning room! It will leave everyone who visits your living room amazed!

The fusion between wall, floor, and suspension lamps gives a notion of full lighting space to this living room.

At the same time, the golden details shared between the wall and the suspension lighting pieces are perfectly in tone with each other in the wall and decor pieces!

On the other hand, the wall decor adds another dimension to this project!

The dark tones of the floor lamp contrast with the dark details of the floor! The floors are all polished stone, creating the illusion of a mirror in the floor!


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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design


Beutiful Living Room


Here you can have the perfect business meeting, memorable family moments, or the perfect moment by yourself. We believe this project is a perfect example of a luxury living room!


We Defy You To Get Inspired

Stonehenge Carrara Side Table

Boca do Lobo


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The Stonehenge Carrara Side Table, which is asymmetrically positioned and made of brass and marble. Your living area will be improved with this piece, according to the manufacturer.

The metallic tones pay homage to the Neolithic and Bronze Age!

Ike Floor Lamp



It is the outcome of a partnership between the design team at DelightFULL and a Dutch designer With this 70″ minimalist floor lamp, This Scandinavian floor lamp is the ideal addition to any mid-century contemporary décor because it has three adjustable lamp shades with glossy black and gold plated finishes that can illuminate multiple regions.


Apotheosis Console Table



The Apotheosis Console Table, an homage to sophistication and design, commands attention and completely transforms the appearance of any project. Its flawless structure, characterized by its straight lines, embodies the essence of premium design. Marble, lacquer, and brass lines are balanced in a daring and elegant way.


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