Project: City villa Munich

Design Studios and Firms that Shook the World

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Here at Insplosion Blog, we value design lovers first. Therefore we want to inspire you with some of the best design studios in the world right now!

1. Jeff Schlarb Design Studios – San Francisco 

Jeff Schlarb Design Studios gives a classic contemporary body of work from their Presidio Heights studio in San Francisco, California. The firm’s expertise incorporates bespoke decoration projects, interior design for different types of projects. Previously labeled as, “Curiosity without the chaos.” The team at the studio is enthusiastic about creating rich, elegant residences that incorporate an impressive blend of inspiration and the intensification of client’s dreams.

Design Studios and Firms that Shook the World
Project: Cole Valley Shrader



2. Office of Contemporary Design – Doha 

The Office of Contemporary Design is a full-service interior design firm located in Doha, Qatar. They focus on creating custom and unique practices that are driven by tradition, enhanced by materiality, and motivated by contemporary life. Efficiency is one of their main values, delivering stunning projects in the cleverest way possible. Always taking preference in creating naturally luxurious comfort.

Project: Pearl Residence



3. Thomas Burger Design, INC – Las Vegas

Thomas Burger has been praised globally for over 30 years as one of the world’s top, most elite designers. Since the launch of his New York City firm in 1987, Mr. Burger has produced an extensive portfolio of all types of projects around the globe. In addition, Thomas was invited to create  “The City of the Future” in China for The Chinese government.

Design Studios and Firms that Shook the World



4. Raumkonzepte Peter Buchberger – Munich

Raumkonzepte Peter Buchberger is a Munich-based design studio/firm, known worldwide for the attention to detail, and unusual and unique style that their team incorporates into their projects.

Project: City villa Munich



5. Paris 56 fine interiors – Berlin

Design Studios and Firms that Shook the World
Project: Penthouse Berlin



Office Ideas

6. Severine Piller Design – Geneva

Severine Piller Design represents swiss interior design at its finest, taking the most of a modern, elegant style with a fresh twist.

Apartment decoration – Geneva



7. Pure Living Ltd – Zurich

Pure Living is the personification of superior and unique furnishing, sophisticated accessories, and delicate materials in the design industry.

Design Studios and Firms that Shook the World
Villa on Ibiza



8. Lori Morris – Toronto

At Lori Morris, inspiration is driven through the work of master artisans and the imagination of the client, catching both the character and style of a piece and modifying it into the story of a space.



9.The Gettys Group – Chicago

The firm is motivated in creating places where people desire to be, producing remarkable environments with strong stories that deliver spur.

Design Studios and Firms that Shook the World
The Blackstone Hotel



10. 2nd Edition

Established in 2005, 2nd Edition started as a small boutique. Having grown into a huge design firm, they still remain true to their roots and values of enhancing relationships and defending a revolutionary design vision.

Project: South Beach Residences


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