There are encounters that are destined to be the foundation of creation, a happenstance that can lead to great things. That’s what happened to Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, the founders of DimoreStudio. Connected by a partnership originated by a true love for design and a passion for creations reflecting their own original and particular vision. See the exclusive interview with Dimore Studio by Coveted:

Sumptuous ambiances with many design references from the past – not always so discernible. Proof of their own sapient rediscovery and reuse of great design classics – are the fundamentals of their projects. Starting from the beginning when the two halves, an American and an Italian, came together to create DimoreStudio, in 2003. In fact, the apt name “dimore” is the Italian equivalent of “dwellings”.  Together with manage to convey the atmosphere from which the two designers take inspiration.

The numerous successful projects and the collaborations with world-famous brands are evidence of the fruitful partnerships. Furthermore, the common philosophy that inspire their creations. First of all, an admiration for the great Italian designers of the past (Gio Ponti, Carlo Scarpa, Max Ingrand, Angelo Lelli, and Gino Sarfatti among the others) and some contemporary artists that reflect their style.

“We aren’t overly nostalgic, but we love to reference essential periods from the past and give them a new, contemporary life.”

Moreover, combining different colors, textures, and accessories is their modus operandi for a quite bold and dramatic effect. Additionally, a sophisticated aesthetic that has become a signature effect of their style. Although luxury is not really an adjective that Emiliano Salci would use to describe the popular studio’s works. It’s about creating an atmosphere, a vibe that “interprets memories and creates dreams”.

Dimore studio’s approach is to create a narration, an evocative setting that maintains the connection with the past, not only emphasizing the specific features that have made a particular object recognizable through times but also giving life to a specific atmosphere. Likewise a universe in which past and present collide suavely. Their creative method is based on the revitalization of the connection with the past, the rediscovery of the past elements that are inherent of a place and give it character.

Dimore Milano

Moreover, during their last exhibition at Salone del Mobile Milano, the new brand DimoreMilano. The studio’s recent addiction to DimoreGallery, the historical and contemporary design gallery – presented the new fabric collection. Presented with various fabric samples and linked to evocative photos by photographer Andrea Ferrari, a tribute to Italian master Luigi Ghirri.

Dior and Dimore Studio

Additionally, another project – 14 exclusive home creations for House of Dior . Wanting to be a celebration of the greatest art movement of the 20th century, Cubism and Surrealism, with references to Picasso, Dalí and Magritte. Furthermore, from retail, hospitality and residential projects (Casa Fayette in Guadalajara, Ceresio 7 restaurant, the Hotel Saint-Marc in Paris). DimoreStudio has always tried to blur the lines between art, architecture, design, and fashion.


INSPIRATION with Dimore Studio interior design style Moodboard for a Living Room.

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