Who said that the beauty is in the details was absolutely right, sometimes it’s in the attention to the smallest accessory or decoration that we truly see the grandeur of design. That’s what the Pullcast new collection tries to express: the finer craftsmanship with ancient expertise that creates high-quality accessories and jewelry hardware. And just like every year, you will have the chance to admire this new collection at Salone del Mobile 2019, in Milan. A luxurious journey that you can complete with this opulent brand and discover how the influence from the natural world has transformed itself in outstanding design, ready to be appreciated. So, aren’t you ready to DISCOVER THE PULLCAST NEW COLLECTION? Let’s begin!



This extremely natural-shaped accessory could be used like a door pull or a cabinet handle and displays the extreme versatility of this lavish creation. Like all the Leaf family, its figure exposes the thrilling imagination hidden behind their creation and the unique outcome of the relative process.


Jalo cabinet and drawer handle displays in all aspects its relations with the hearth and the infinite possibilities that translate in diverse varieties (purple, red, yellow and streaked). The green been plant behind its shape has obtained the perfect homage.


The exclusivity of the Caviar furniture drawer handle – shown in polished, aged, and brushed brass – reveals its maritime origin and the heritage that the accessory leaves behind.


Not always a natural influence can be the more flawless, sometimes a city background is a right inspiration to give a feeling of effortless elegance. Skyline Cabinet and Door Hardware manage to do this and more.


The Spear door pull is born from the union of alabastro marble and polished brass: the lavish result is a mystical accessory that reminds us of myths and ancient times. A true Celtic-inspired opulent artifact.


The Tiffany cabinet hardware displays a certain casual elegance, donated by the purity of the estremoz marble.  A particular object that might only enhance a room’s interior designer.

Don’t forget to join the brand and DISCOVER THE PULLCAST NEW COLLECTION at Milan Design Week (Pavillion 4, Stand E08 – E12 – D07 – D21). And, if you enjoyed our DISCOVER THE PULLCAST NEW COLLECTION, discover our other interesting articles about interior design collections.

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