Summer is slowly coming our way and we want to introduce to you some of the next trends that are going to be all over the place during the torrid season. And what’s better than a new collection to inspire your next project (it’s the perfect time of the year!). Today, we want to show Zanotta Design’s summer novelties. Founded by Aurelio Zanotta in 1954, Zanotta Design is an Italian company that since the 60s has been one of the protagonists of the international design scene; innovation and technological evolution are two of the main values that the brand follows from decades. A philosophy built on intuition and an irony-based approach, that’s the secret recipe of Zanotta Design’s success. Here you will find about new collection of 2020 – Back to emotions and  ZANOTTA DESIGN’S SUMMER INSPIRATION. Keep reading!


Beautiful design solutions with soul and even more close to You. New 2020 Collection by Italian designer is called ”Back to emotions” for a reason. Introducing 5 new products: armchair Nena, lounge chair Rider, desk Tucano, chair Dan, bed Ricordi, and sofa Dove.

Zanotta stages life and brings back to the centre the essence of the project and the relationship between objects and those who live them

Therefore, did you know that now you can discover the 2020 collection in a virtual tour of Zanotta Design showroom at Caselli Daziari at Porta Garibaldi in Milan? 6 furnishing pieces for 6 life stories: rethinking design to get back to the connection between objects and people. See it here





From the genial idea of designer Sebastian Herkner, a collection of small tables has been created in which creativity has brought an unusual material combination: the Echino table – presented in four-color possibility of smoky grey, light- blue, amber or blue – displays the customary legs in glass materials; instead, the top, satin-finished or mirrored, is made of steel.

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I designed for Zanotta a duo of side-tables using the strength of glass as a statement. ”


Graphium coffee tables have taken inspiration directly from nature. Likewise, a sophisticated material like marble combines itself with symmetrical images from nature. Coffee tables in diverse colored variants that remind us of the lightness of tropical butterflies with the solidity of the stone.

Zanotta’s creations are with an intention for much more than collecting dust behind glass walls and velvet rope. Every piece, rather, is deliberately designed for active enjoyment in daily life”

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The new Oliva armchair by Constance Guisset symbolizes comfort and relaxation with its open shell conformation and the enveloping curves. Besides, the light structure of the wooden legs – which pierce through the chair’s seat to increase the lightness. Therefore, the great combination of a strong bold fabric that hides padded polyurethane elements. The epitome of luxurious comfort.



With a clear reference to the Japanese futon, the Shiki sofa by Damian Williamson appears to display a modern twist: it appears as a mattress resting on an upholstered wood base but the different heights of the elements try to mimic a city skyline. Therefore, the quilting and sartorial details only add to the elegant simplicity of the sofa.


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