New Essential Home and Studiopepe Collection

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Italian and Portuguese design partnership collection could be nothing but just something incredible. Studiopepe – well known Italian designer, this time gathers the force and ideas together with Essential Home. Brand, well known for mid-century modern furniture and fascinating the world with furniture ideas inspired by the most beloved ones – Kelly, Sophia, Bond. Therefore, it is a perfect pair as both of the creators are always looking for each project a backup story to complement the design.


This vintage fascination isn’t a new thing in the design life of Arianna and Chiara. They always have been influenced by the 50s thanks to Milan’s exquisite architecture. Being a part of their history, the vintage inspirations are also a big part of their Studiopepe‘s work and the base of their contemporary twist concept.  – Essential Home says


Moreover, this couple of Italian designers love the creative and modern concept, bringing the luxury interior into life, and in this case, focused on the mid-century modern design together with Essential Home. Besides, Studiopepe is not only focused on Design but as well as working with Architecture, Creative Direction agency founded by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto. As the creators say:

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Our attention to detail, and the emotion they can generate in people, is fundamental in our projects.


At the moment we must wait and see what kind of incredible design ideas this partnership will bring. Meanwhile, we are inviting you to see some of the modern mid-century furniture design Inspirations Essential Home:

1. Mid-century modern dining table


2. Mid-century modern living room


3. Mid-century modern chandelier


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