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DSG Projects Singapore

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DSG was founded in 1992 as a pure manufacturer of joinery products. Has since leveraged on its extensive knowledge of raw materials and combined it with innovative design skills, to develop intelligence and bespoke joinery systems. Their efforts are recognized regionally for their aesthetic appeal and superior workmanship.

Listed on the Singapore Exchange, Design Studio Group Ltd is Singapore’s leading interior fit-out provider.

Over the years the company has grown to adapt to change.  As DSG grows in experience and knowledge, the business continues to progress from manufacturing to a knowledge-based business. This change sets the team apart in all the markets they serve.

DSG is based in Singapore, with an expanding global footprint around the world.

The projects handled by the company extend over eight different countries. Thus, its strength is the ability to harmonize the diversity present in the team and to optimize these synergies in order to provide worldwide solutions to its clients.

Cairnhill 9, Singapore

Tradewind Show Gallery, Malaysia

The company’s portfolio includes various project types. In commercial projects they bring together incomparable concepts and practical functions, creating inspired domains and purposeful workspaces. In the hospitality projects rolls out a sense of affluence with a touch of excellence, bringing to life exquisite concepts and unique designs. Retail projects optimize the sense of inviting to merchandising and marketing spaces – creating an invitation to commerce and crowds.

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