Entryway Ideas to Elevate Your Home to Another Level

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Just because the entryway isn’t a “room” in the traditional sense, doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Your hall is the first thing guests see when they appear, so it sets the tone for the rest of your house. You want to generate a space that utters to your design awareness while being practical and welcoming.

Therefore we compiled 8 hallway/entryway ideas to inspire you to compose your own.


Entryway Ideas to Elevate Your Home to Another Level

How do you feel about the mid-century style? Well, if you’re not a big fan this collaboration between Essential Home, DelightFULL, and Rug’Society might change your mind.


Entryway Ideas to Elevate Your Home to Another Level

The Grant Love Seat, what an iconic piece from Essential Home. Combining clean design with practical storage space this piece is one of the brand’s best sellers of all time. And to top it off, the Turner Table Lamp from DelightFULL, what a dream corner to sit down and relax.


Minimalist design with rose gold details on the pieces, simple does not mean bland, this minimalistic hall stairway just proves that.


Entryway Ideas to Elevate Your Home to Another Level

The Lapiaz Collection is to this day one of the most successful that Boca do Lobo developed. This is obvious just by glancing at this entryway with the Lapiaz Cabinet. It is the essence of functional artwork.

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Entryway Ideas to Elevate Your Home to Another Level

Can you imagine yourself entering this luxury penthouse in Paris, and the first thing you see is this entryway? Combining classic architecture with bold and modern furnishings Boca do Lobo truly excelled with this project.


The star of the show in this jaw-dropping entryway staircase is none other than the Shard Chandelier from LUXXU. Gold plated and equipped with the finest crystals this chandelier is a conversation starter wherever u put it.


Represented through beautiful lines and special elements, the Marie Therese Mirror brings a breath of curves to embody a true art piece’s quality and integrity and turn your entryway into an art exhibition.


Sometimes less is more. This hall stairway is the perfect example. A neutral nude a grey selection of colors, natural lighting, and minimalist yet well-placed furnishings might be the turning points when designing your room.



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