Today, we are talking about a British architect, Sir David Chippefield: born in 1953, with awards for his contributions. Likewise, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and Royal Designer for Industry. Among the other, architect established his global architectural practice – David Chipperfield Architects.  During the 1985 with offices in several cities all around the world: London, Shanghai, Berlin, and Milan. Are you ready to discover David’s Chipperfield Best projects?

After graduating at Kingston University and Architectural Association, he worked for the offices of Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, and Douglas Stephen. Moreover, David was a Professor of Architecture at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart from 1995 to 2001. Additionally, Norman R. Foster Visiting Professor of Architectural Design at Yale University in 2011. Many other academic institutions all over the world have had the pleasure to host his persona. In 2012 curated the Venice Biennale of Architecture’s –  with the theme Common Ground.

David Chipperfield – an expert in museum construction and restoration.

 “I’m very interested in doing buildings that people are fond of, but with each project I also try to push the boundaries, to make something familiar but different”.

There is no material or style limitations in this architect’s projects. Therefore, he always tries to push mental boundaries. David’s creative attitude doesn’t disregard the culture’s importance of a country while working on a project. That’s the reason why the architect is so appreciated and well-known among professionals and architecture lovers. British architect doesn’t shy away from using local history and traditions in an innovative creative method. For him, a globalized art is not the solution.



Here, the architect chose to not disrespect the original structure for the Berlin building renovation. His minimalistic approach gave new life to the old 19th-century building, preserving its majestic grandiosity and simply giving it emphasis. For this work, David Chipperfield won – in collaboration with Julian Harrap – the prestigious Mies van der Rohe 2011 Award. Neues Museum

The project on Museum Island started in 1999 and, twenty years later, it has seen its realization with the James-Simon-Galerie, the last new building to be built: now, the five buildings, other than being a World Heritage Site, they represent “a universal museum of human history“, a place where education and culture have a center stage.


We couldn’t certainly leave Valentino flagship store in Piazza di Spagna from David Chipperfield best projects. The store concept is based on essentiality and elegance: from the neutral colors to the opulent materials, all resemble a combination of classic and new, used to give emphasis to the fashion designer’s collection. Timber, marble, leather, carpets: everything is in the shade of grey, a luxurious background with palatial-style terraces and staircases.


This building could not be missed from the best projects by David Chipperfield Architecture . Architecture has the prestigious RIBA Stirling Prize award in 2007. For the masterly vision behind the project in Marbach am Neckar: put on top of a rocky platform, the museum overlooks the valley in a natural and understated manner. Likewise, balconies, terraces, and ramps are the most used elements – to highlights not the structure but its human purpose.


Furthermore, one more project that features the architect’s attitude towards a place’s characteristics and its functions – Villa Eden. Villa is on the western shore of Lake Garda and it displays the typical structure of lemon houses. With the purpose of the plants’ cultivation in this location. Therefore, Villa built on the hillside and totally integrated with nature. For instance, the two pergola-style villas present stone walls and elements in timber and concrete. Moreover, the interior reflects the outside style with an airy and minimalistic effect. A true gem!


Set in the historical landmark on Bryant Park, The Bryant represents David Chipperfield’s first residential tower. Together with, the 33-story building hosts a street-level retail, the  Park Terrace Hotel, and residential units. Additionally, glass windows adorn the facade of the tower with concrete columns. For instance, influenced by the classic style of the surrounding buildings, from the Beaux Arts Knox Building to the New York Public Library.

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