Having been the recipient of the award for Best International Designer from Andrew Martin – regarded as the “Oscar” for interior design – in 2014 and having been selected among the world’s top 100 designers for the 11th consecutive year by Andrew Martin’s Interior Design Review, Swiss Jorge Canete is an extremely creative interior designer capable of creating ethereal and suggestive settings.

Château de Saint-Saphorin

As a Genevan with Catalan and Andalusian origins, Jorge Canete represents a multicultural approach; his philosophy, instead, the professional result of a meeting of diverse influences and ideas: multiple fixed points have made him extremely susceptible to design in an entirely new and different way, that led him to the creation of his methodology.

The designer has started working first with several brands in the luxury industry until he felt the need to switch career in 2003 and went to study architecture at London Metropolitan University, followed by jobs in architectural studios in Rome and Geneva. In 2005 he founded his studio “Interior Design Philosophy”, based on his personal design vision that utilizes emotions to engage with ambiances.

In every project he tries to deeply connect with the history of the locations, its past characters, and specific features: not only he uses memory as suggestive backgrounds for his projects but also, he engages with the client, creating a sensory relationship based on emotions, the same sentiments that will be englobed in the location. A profound analysis of the three main sources of inspiration – location, environment, and client’s personality and tastes – allows Jorge Canete to give shape to extremely tailored concepts, where an emotional undercurrent is the fil rouge that connects these elements together in a design splendor.

La Dolce Vita in Blue – Capri

His multicultural approach is deeply felt by the Swiss designer, still anchored to his Spanish roots: references to the Latin world are the little objects that can be found in his works, from a toreador’s costume or a painting of Zurabarán to the nature-inspired use of colors and the feather art creations by French artist Isa Barbier.

One of his project, the award-winning “The Wing and its Feathers”, combines in an almost unearthly way all the major influences that Jorge Canete prefers to instill, while modern and classical elements chase each other away in a sensory play constructed on memories: elements of calligraphy and books find different shapes like acronyms on fabric or murals of pages, while natural branches or a kaleidoscope of butterflies transform in mystical decorations.  By following the designer’s philosophy, an open book behind a chair becomes a symbolic pair of wings.

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